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SSSChamps Intro


The National Secondary Schools' Shooting Championship - better known as The NZ Triple S Champs - is New Zealand's newest shooting competition and is now in its 10th year. It is open to all NZ secondary school students. This is aimed at giving secondary school shooters the chance to compete nationally for both individual and team glory and recognition.

Why run this competition?

What we've been hearing from the junior shooters at our club is that there are not enough regular secondary school competitions.

We know that the junior shooters:

  • love regular competition (each club night they are up at the ladder checking out who they are challenging or being challenged by)
  • love badges (all marksmen and rep badges are proudly worn on school uniforms and blazers)
  • do not get to shoot enough 20 shot targets

Who is running this?

The Brooklyn Smallbore Rifle Club (BSRC) is Wellington's largest smallbore shooting club. For a several years now, the BSRC has provided facilities, equipment and coaching for Wellington secondary school shooters. A number of these juniors are currently in, or have been through, the TSNZ Junior Development Squad (JDS) so we've seen what happens when they're given support and competition. We know there are also a number of other clubs out there doing the same thing and there are a large number of juniors being trained and shooting on a regular basis.

Who is eligible to shoot?

The Triple S Champs are open to competitors from any NZ Secondary School.

2020 Competition

When do entries need to be in by?

Your entries and payments need to be in as soon as possible.  

What do they shoot, and by when?

Each shooter will complete 3 x 10's and 1 x 20 (i.e. it's shot over 4 rounds), with each round in 2020 being shot as follows:

The important dates are:

Round 1 10 shot card Completed by Sunday 26th July 

Round 2 10 shot card Completed by Sunday9th August 

Round 3 10 shot card Completed by Sunday 23rd August 

Round 4 20 shot card Completed by Sunday 6th September 

Is this a team or an individual thing?

Both! Every shooter enters an individual category first. Then, if 4 or 5 individual shooters at a school want to, they can put a team together. Schools can enter as many teams as they wish (of course, one shooter can only shoot for one team!).

What are the categories?

  • Master Grade
  • A Grade
  • B Grade
  • C Grade
  • D Grade

Teams can be made up of shooters from any grades. The winning teams will be the one with the highest scores.

The prizes

At the end of the competition, badges and certificates will be awarded for:

  • the top 3 shooters in each individual category, and
  • the top 3 teams, and
  • the top 3 individual shooters.

Certificates will also be awarded to the top 3 schools in the team event.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Contact person: Evan Little


Postal Address: 83 Wilton Rd, Wellington 6012

Phone: 021 855 939



  • The SSS Champs is a national competition for secondary school shooters, started by the Brooklyn Club in 2011.
  • Shooters compete as graded individuals and in open teams of five with the best four scores counting in each round.  No limit to number of teams schools may enter.  Each shooter can compete in only one team.
  • Competition comprises four rounds.
  • Badges awarded to top three individuals in each grade, as well as top three teams.
  • Cost of entry is $10 per shooter.  Targets shot at home range.


The final results of the SSS Champs for 2019 are in! Congratulations to Shania Harrison-Lee from Ashburton College for winning the SSS Champs for the 2nd year running (and even improving to score one point higher than last year!).  It was a close-fought contest this yearbetween Shania and Emma Smith (also from Ashburton College) with Shania fighting back to take the win by one point with Stephanie McNair (Palmerston North Girls' High School) finishing just three points behind.  Not surprisingly, Ashburton College was also the top School, finishing 19 points higher than they did last year and winning it for the 5th year in succession. Cambridge High School finished 2nd and Dannevirke High School were in 3rd place.

In the graded competition:

Master Grade

1 Shania Harrison-Lee Ashburton College 494.33


A Grade

1 Emma Smith Ashburton College 493.24

2 Katherine Butt Nelson College for Girls 484.20

3 Lachie McNair Palmerston North Boys' High School 484.17


B Grade

1 Shaun Jeffrey Palmerston North Boys' High School 488.19

2 Angus Auty Upper Hutt College 487.23

3 Sam Wilde Cambridge High School 486.19


C Grade

1 Stephanie McNair Palmerston North Girls' High School 490.21

2 Abby Pierce Cambridge High School 489.22

3 Martin Quigley Hurunui College 485.18


D Grade

1 Charlotte McKenzie Ashburton College 477.19

2 Xander Geertson Dannevirke High School 474.16

3 Amelia Swan Mt Hutt College 472.07


The final results are: