It was great to see so many members at the club yesterday, enduring the extremely hot conditions to get in some practice.

Congratulations to Finn Ashby on an amazing new PB of 97.2, three points higher than his previous PB.  New shooter Steven Jia will move to sling and jacket next week, having taken on board and put into practice all coaching advice over the last two weeks culminating in a very impressive 93.1.

Evan Little recorded the highest 10-shot score of 99.8, while Mark Baines led B Grade with an excellent 98.5, followed by Casey Israelson on 96.4.  C Grade looks set to be a very competitive group with four shooters recording 94s and 95s, highest honours going to Inge Little and Cassie Truscott jointly with 95.3.  Finn Ashby’s 97.2 was highest in D Grade followed by Jack Day with 92.1.

Many members are trialling new equipment, or tweaking current equipment to get a better fit.  Please ensure you let coaches know so that they can assist as necessary.

The 2020 membership fees will be set at the club’s AGM but the Treasurer’s recommendation is that the BSRC subs will remain the same as last year.  However both TSNZ and WSRA have had to increase their affiliation fees slightly for this season.

The Wellington Association AGM is being held on Friday 13 March at 7.30pm at the Royal Tiger Range.  There are vacancies on the Executive so if you’re keen to have an input into the decision-making of your Association, please attend and put your name forward.

Thanks to everyone for ensuring the club runs smoothly each week, particularly the newer shooters being proactive in putting targets into frames, changing targets, marking and check marking.  However a reminder for markers to ensure when recording scores that their handwriting is clearly legible.  If an alteration is required, please cross out the original score and write the new score in rather than overwriting the original score.  The club would like to encourage all members to have a go at coaching other shooters – this often leads to an improvement in the coach’s own shooting by reinforcing the basics.  A list of the usual fixes for new shooter issues has been produced to assist coaches, and experienced coaches are happy to help as needed.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 13 March, 7.30pm, WSRA AGM.
  • Sundays from 15 to 22 March, 6.30pm, introduction programme.
  • Sundays from 15 to 29 March, 7.30pm, club practice session for 2020 members.
  • Saturday 4 April, Colyton Club Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Sunday 5 April, 9.30am, Rees Scroll trials, 2x20.
  • Sunday 5 April, club competition commences.
  • Saturday 11 April, Bulls Club Open Champs, Palmerston North.