Congratulations to Megan Brodie who recorded three new PBs this week, culminating in a 99.8 – great shooting!

Jason Niedermeyer scored best on the rest with 94.2 followed by Ryan Hutchings with 89.3.  Top shots in D Grade were Josh Whitehead 95.2, Finn Ashby 92.2, Steven Jia 90.1, and Jack Day 90.1.  Megan Brodie’s 99.8 was highest in C Grade ahead of Cassie Truscott with 97.0.  Only inners separated the top two in B Grade (Mark Baines 99.9 and Stephen Thessman 99.2) while Meredith Ackrill recorded 100.6 to take top honours in the higher grades.  In the 20-shot competition, Becky Baines’ 199.12 was highest, followed by Meredith Ackrill 197.9 and Mark Baines 196.6.

With four rounds of the closed champs competition completed, Brooklyn shooters are well placed in many grades.  The deadline for the final two rounds is Sunday 20 September.

  • Becky Baines – 2nd Master Grade and 1st Women’s section
  • David Grain – 1st A Grade and 2nd Veterans’ section
  • Stephen Thessman – 1st B Grade
  • Megan Brodie – 1st C Grade and 1st Junior section
  • And Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little, Cassie Truscott and Jaz Hamilton are in 3rd position in their various grades and/or sections.

Round 3 of the Triple S (secondary schools) champs was completed last week.  With one round to go (a 20-shot target), Megan Brodie is leading C Grade.  Great shooting, Megan!  The final round’s deadline is Sunday 6 September.

Brooklyn finished in 2nd place in both the Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches, recording lower team scores than for a number of years.  Thanks go to those who were available and did compete.  Congratulations to Megan Brodie for recording the best overall score in Wright Cup, as well as the highest Brooklyn score in the Osmond Shield match (2nd highest overall).  Wellington Central won the Osmond Shield match, finishing 8 points ahead of Brooklyn, while Melrose recorded their best score in recent years to finish only 7 inners behind Brooklyn.  Melrose won the Wright Cup match, once again recording their best score in recent years, and finishing 11 points ahead of Brooklyn, with Wellington Central a further 10 points behind.

The Wellington secondary schools team came 2nd behind Manawatu in a match against Hutt Valley and Manawatu yesterday.  Top Wellington shooter was Megan Brodie with 196.14.

A clean sweep to Brooklyn in Round 4 of the interclub competition.  Both our Open Grade and B Grade teams scored their best result this season.  Congratulations to top shots in each grade (Megan Brodie 97.4, Mark Baines 99.9 gaining 2 bonus points, and Becky Baines 199.12).  Round 5 has both our C Grade and Open Grade teams competing against Melrose, on Wednesday 9 September, while our B Grade team have a bye.

With four weeks remaining of the grading season, please ensure your Excel spreadsheet is up to date and ready to return to Meredith Ackrill as soon as possible after 27 September in order to collate and forward to TSNZ.  The club season will continue until Sunday 25 October.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 2 September, 8.00pm + 8.40pm: Interassociation Juniors, 2x10.  Team: Casey Israelson, Cassie Truscott.  Equipment manager/coach: Craig Fair.
  • Wednesday 2 September, 8.15pm: Interassociation Open Grade, 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Becky Baines, Mark Baines, Erin Little.  On call: Evan Little.
  • Saturday 5 September, 2.00pm: Triangular Open Match, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Becky Baines, Mark Baines, David Grain, Erin Little, Evan Little.  Emergency: Stephen Thessman.
  • Saturday 5 September, 2.00pm: Wellington v Hutt Women’s match, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Becky Baines, Erin Little.  On call: Inge Little.
  • Sunday 6 September, Round 4 Triple S deadline, 1x20.
  • Wednesday 9 September, Round 5 interclub: 7.45pm C Grade v Melrose, B Grade has a bye, 8.45pm Open Grade v Melrose.  Teams named Thursday 3 September.