It was good to see a number of members attempt their marksmen’s badges yesterday.  Results will be available later this week.

The highlight of the secondary school shooting calendar is the interisland secondary schools match, held this year at a number of ranges around the country.  Congratulations to Megan Brodie and Cassie Truscott on their selection to the North Island secondary schools team and then the New Zealand secondary schools team.  The Queen Margaret’s team (including Megan Brodie) were unlucky to finish 4th, a mere 3 inners behind Onslow.  The North Island were victorious against the South Island, finishing 19 points ahead.  Cassie recorded a new PB of 99.9, while Megan scored her first-ever 100, followed by two more (100.4, 100.7, 100.8).  Top scores from our other shooters were: Josh Whitehead 95.3, Jack Day 93.5, Wynter Tickle 93.3, Ellie Mazey 90.0, some of which were close to PBs.  Well done, fantastic shooting! 

In club shooting, the highest D Grade scores were shot by Jaz Hamilton 96.3, Josh Whitehead 95.3 and Wynter Tickle 93.3.  The C Grade scores were very impressive: Megan Brodie top-scored with 100.8 ahead of Cassie Truscott 99.9 and Inge Little 98.4.  Stephen Thessman led B Grade with 96.4, while David Grain took top spot in A Grade with 98.1, and Evan Little’s 98.5 was two inners ahead of Meredith Ackrill in Master Grade.  Erin Little recorded the best 20-shot score this week (198.11) followed by Meredith Ackrill 197.14.

Congratulations to our B Grade interclub team on their win, especially Clive Brodie who gained 2 bonus points scoring his first-ever 100.  The team score of 390.18 was the highest recorded by a Brooklyn B Grade team since the introduction of the current targets in 2012.  Brooklyn have won both the C Grade and B Grade competitions, and finished in 2nd position in the Open Grade competition.  Our winning teams will now compete against Hutt Valley on Friday 9 October.

The Wellington v Waikato D Grade match was held on Wednesday, with the win going to Waikato.  Both teams scored very similar results to last year.

The 2020 Wellington Closed Champs competition has now been completed.  The Final 10 will compete on Monday 5 October.  Congratulations to the following shooters on gaining a top 3 placing in their respective grades:

  • Stephen Thessman – 1st B Grade, gained place in Final 10
  • Megan Brodie – 1st C Grade and 1st Junior match, gained place in Final 10
  • Evan Little – 2nd Master Grade, gained place in Final 10
  • David Grain – 2nd A Grade and 2nd Veteran’s match, gained place in Final 10
  • Cassie Truscott – 2nd C Grade
  • Meredith Ackrill – 3rd Master Grade and 2nd Women’s match, gained place in Final 10
  • Erin Little – 3rd A Grade, gained place in Final 10
  • Jaz Hamilton – 3rd D Grade

All grading returns should now be forwarded to Meredith Ackrill for collation and sending to TSNZ.

Upcoming events

  • Thursday 1 October, Wellington v Hertfordshire, 8.00pm + 8.30pm, 2x10.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Becky Baines, Mark Baines, David Grain, Evan Little, Erin Little. On call: Mark Riley.
  • Monday 5 October, Final 10 of Wellington Closed Champs, 8.15pm, 1x20: Evan Little, David Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little, Megan Brodie, Stephen Thessman.
  • Friday 9 October, Wgtn v Hutt Valley interclub winners, 7pm, 2x20.  B Grade and C Grade: teams to be named Thursday 1 October.
  • Friday 9 October, Wgtn v Hutt Valley C Grade, 7pm, 2x10.  Team to be named Friday 2 October.