It was great to see so many 20-shot cards shot at the club yesterday.  Meredith Ackrill top-scored with 200.12, ahead of Erin Little with 198.8.  Clive Brodie recorded a new 20-shot PB of 190.8.

In the 10-shot competition, the top three D Grade scores were shot by Jaz Hamilton 95.2, Wynter Tickle 94.4 (a new PB) and Josh Whitehead 94.3.  Clive Brodie scored highest in C Grade with 97.4, and top honours in B Grade were shared by Dianne Grain and Mark Riley, both with 96.3.  David Grain’s 99.5 was best in A Grade, and Evan Little scored highest in Master Grade with 99.7.

The Wellington v Hertfordshire match was held on Thursday.  The Wellington team averaged 97.75, slightly down on last year but higher than previous years.  Equal top shooter was Erin Little.  Full results will be available early next season, once Hertfordshire have shot their cards.

Last week a number of members attempted their marksmen’s badges.  Congratulations to the following shooters on achieving the necessary score:

  • Jaz Hamilton (D Grade and C Grade)
  • Megan Brodie (C Grade and B Grade)
  • Stephen Thessman (B Grade).

Results of the Teams of Five match held in August are now available.  Congratulations to the Wellington team (including Mark Baines, Stephen Thessman and Mark Riley) for their 2nd place, 3 points behind Waikato, and 6 points ahead of 3rd placed Hutt Valley.

The Champion of Champions Match is being held on Tuesday 20 October.  This is a week prior to our club competition finishing, so our “champions” to compete in this match will be our champions as at that date, but the actual champions may differ once the final week’s targets have been shot.  Our score coordinators, Stephen Thessman and Erin Little, will advise on Monday 19 October who will be competing in the Champion of Champions Match.

Upcoming events

  • Monday 5 October, Final 10 of Wellington Closed Champs, 8.15pm, 1x20: Evan Little, David Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little, Megan Brodie, Stephen Thessman.
  • Friday 9 October, Wgtn v Hutt Valley interclub winners, 7pm, 2x10.  B Grade: Casey Israelson, Inge Little, Mark Riley, Stephen Thessman (captain).  C Grade: Finn Ashby, Hamish Guthrey, Jaz Hamilton, Inge Little (captain).
  • Friday 9 October, Wgtn v Hutt Valley C Grade, 7pm, 2x10.  Team: Finn Ashby, Hamish Guthrey, Jaz Hamilton, Daniel Johnson, Inge Little, Josh Whitehead.  Emergency: Jack Day.  On call: Steven Jia.  Equipment manager/coach: Craig Fair.
  • Tuesday 20 October, Champion of Champions Match.  8.00pm, 1x10, C and D Grades.  8.20pm, 1x20, Club Champion, Master, A and B Grades.  Champions to be named Monday 19 October.