The week’s shooting:

Best off the rest this week was Analin Sae-Jiw with 90.2, followed by Jemima's 84.1. The process of moving new shooters to jacket and sling began with Ewan Mirza, who scored a respectable 86.1 in his first night using full gear. 

In D grade, Graham Tickle scored highest with a 93.1, followed by Wynter Tickle's 88.0. Hamish Guthrey's 97.4 led C grade ahead of Finn Ashby's 93.3. It was a tough competition in B grade, with Ross Little's 99.5 beating out Mark Riley's 98.6 by one point. David Grain's 99.4 led the higher grades ahead of Erin Little's 98.7. The night's 20-shot competition was extremely close. Bex Baines' 198.13 came in a single inner ahead of Meredith Ackrill's 198.12. Congratulations to Cassie Truscott for setting a new 20-shot PB of 196.9 - 3 points higher than the PB she set last week!
The Club Competition:
The Brooklyn Club Competition runs throughout the season.  The format is  four blocks of five competition weeks beginning on 4 April, with gaps of two weeks between each block for catch ups and training.  The two weeks following next week (9 and 16 May) are break weeks in the club competition. The club will still run as normal, but you are encouraged to shoot practices, do training exercises (such as grouping, or practicing getting into position), or try your hand at a 20-shot target if you are up to date with your club competition cards. Talk to your coaches about what would be the most helpful exercise for you. Club competition scores can be found on the Brooklyn website ( and will be updated in the next few days. Hopefully the scoreboard will be printed and displayed at the back of the club rooms next week.
Selection for teams:
The Wellington Association calendar has now been finalised and the dates of all representative matches can be found on the Brooklyn website ( Dianne Grain is the selector for both our club and the Wellington Association. In the weeks before these events she sends out reminders for the Wellington matches and shortlists of shooters for the club matches. Please keep an eye out for these and let her know if you are not available.
Upcoming events:
  • Thursday 29 April, 7.30pm, NDC Round 1. Open team: Meredith Ackrill, Bex Baines, Mark Baines, David Grain, Evan Little. Composite team: Erin Little, Mark Riley, Stephen Thessman. Junior team: Cassie Truscott. Emergencies: Clive Brodie, Finn Ashby
  • Saturday 1 May, Masterton Open Champs, Masterton
  • Sunday 2 May, 1.00pm, Wellington v Horowhenua, Poroutawhao Range Levin. Team: Bex Baines, Erin Little, Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little, Stephen Thessman, David Grain. Emergencies: Mark Baines, Mark Riley, Dianne Grain.
  • Wednesday 5 May, Interclub Round 1. C Grade, 7.45pm. B Grade, 8.15pm. Open Grade, 8.45pm. (Teams named Friday 30 April)
  • Saturday 15 May, Teams of Ten, Palmerston North. (Teams named Monday 3 May)