Club shooting

It was a busy evening at the club with 5 members moving to sling and jacket and 9 visitors. Many thanks to everyone who helped the night run smoothly.
Top shot in D grade this week was Kate Yu's 95.4 - especially impressive considering this was Kate's first night using the sling and jacket! Jack Day's 95.2 was only a couple of inners behind. Jaz Hamilton led C grade with a 97.4. Dianne Grain's 99.4 was top of B grade ahead of Inge Little's 97.4. Bex Baines led the higher grades with a 99.5 followed by Megan Brodie's 98.7. David Grain's 197.11 was the top 20 shot of the night ahead of Erin Little's 195.8.
The second round of the National District Champs was held on Thursday. Wellington shot extremely well against a tough Waikato team to secure a win of 9 points over Waikato's 4. Evan Little was top shot from Brooklyn in the Open team, scoring 294.16. Stephen Thessman was top shot from Brooklyn in the Composite team with a score of 292.9. Cassie Truscott was top shot from Brooklyn in the Junior team, scoring 191.8.
Closed Champs
The results from round 1 of the Closed Champs competition have been published and Brooklyn shooters are well placed in almost all grades and sections:
  • Mark Baines - 2nd equal A Grade
  • Erin Little - 2nd equal A Grade
  • Clive Brodie - 3rd B Grade
  • Jaz Hamilton - 1st C Grade
  • Finn Ashby - 3rd C Grade
  • Ellie Mazey - 2nd D Grade
  • Bex Baines - 1st Women's
  • Megan Brodie - 2nd Juniors
Round 2 of the Closed Champs competition is due on Sunday 6 June.  This is Queen’s Birthday weekend.  Although the club will be open, members are advised to plan to do this card earlier if you will be away for the long weekend.
Upcoming events
  • Tuesday 25 May, Interclub Round 2. C Grade v Melrose7.45pm, Finn Ashby, Hamish Guthrey (captain), Jaz Hamilton, Josh Whitehead. B Grade, bye. Open Grade v Melrose, 8.45pm, Meredith Ackrill, Bex Baines (captain), Erin Little, Stephen Thessman
  • Sunday 6 June: Closed Champs Round 2 due 
  • Thursday 10 June: NDC Round 3
  • Friday 11 and Saturday 12 June: Hutt Valley Open Champs, Keene Range Petone 
  • Sunday 13 June: Interclub Round 3