Club Shooting

Wynter Tickle led D Grade this week with a 94.2, followed by Graham Tickle's 92.2. Top shot for C Grade was Jaz Hamilton's 95.2 ahead of Jack Day with 92.2. Inge Little scored highest in B grade (98.5) with Clive Brodie a point behind (97.3). Bex Baines' 100.5 was top shot for the night with Meredith Ackrill close behind on 99.5. Top honours for the 20 shots were shared by Mark Baines and Erin Little, both scoring 194.8. 
SSS Champs
Scores for the first round of the SSS champs have been published. Megan Brodie's 100.6 has her placed 1st in A Grade and 3rd overall currently. Cassie Truscott is placed 1st in B Grade. The Wellington College team is ranked 14th, with a score three points higher than the 15th ranked Samuel Marsden team.
If you have any questions about college shooting, please direct your queries to Craig Fair or Stephen Thessman, who are running the college shooting programme this year.
Although we all come for the shooting, the marking of targets is also a crucial part of the sport. Everyone should learn to mark - both to help out with the running of the club, and to give you the skills to check that your targets have been marked correctly. Come along to the marking room at the beginning of a squad you are not shooting on to have a go.
If you are very keen, the Wellington Association is running a marking course at 10am on Sunday 25 July. This course is free for association members. See the marking course poster for more details, and register by emailing Bev Newton.
For all markers, some housekeeping to keep the marking room running smoothly. Please: 
  1. make sure all scores are recorded on both the squad card and the scoresheet
  2. remember to write the inners, even if zero
  3. for all cards, write in the P/C column if the card was a comp (C), practice (P), SSS, or closed champs estimate (CC est)
  4. if closed champs cards were shot on the round, please write the estimate score in the scoresheet and sign and date the back of the card
Upcoming events
  • Saturday 26 June, Wairarapa Open Champs, Martinborough 
  • Sunday 27 June, 8.00pm, Interassociation D Grade: Chris Dunning, Analin Rudd. Emergencies: Josh Whitehead, Ewan Mirza.
  • Sunday 27 June, 8.15pm, Interassociation B Grade: Stephen Thessman. Emergency: Cassie Truscott. On call: Mark Riley
  • Sunday 27 June, Closed Champs Round 3 due
  • Wednesday 30 June, 8.00pm, Titipounamu Match: Meredith Ackrill, Megan Brodie, David Grain, Erin Little, Evan Little
  • Thursday 1 July, 7.30pm, NDC Round 4 (teams selected Friday 25 July)
  • Saturday 3 July, Wanganui Open Champs, Wanganui