With many members away at the North v South match in Blenheim numbers at the club were lower, and it was a good opportunity for our newer shooters to attempt a 20-shot target. Top shot was Samantha Jordan with 182.3, while Holly Milne had the best card of 93.3 (three points higher than her 10-shot PB). New member, Hamish Guthrey, recorded a PB of 92.2 - this was using adapted equipment as his usual rifle was at the Blenheim match.

Top scores in the grades were shot by Luisa Kristen 91.1, Stephen Thessman 93.2 very closely followed by Jialin Sae-Jiw 93.0, Sergey Kladnitski 99.6 and Maor Ben-Shahar 98.3, David Grain 100.5, and Evan Little 99.8. David scored 198.10, which included another 100.5, to be top shooter in the 20-shot competition this week, followed by Evan Little with 197.9 including 100.4, and Dianne Grain 196.10.

The D Grade interassociation match was held on Wednesday. With low numbers nominating for this match, only one team of five and one emergency shot, interestingly all females. Top Brooklyn shooter was Neakiry Kivi who shot 187.4 to finish two inners behind top Wellington shooter, Ruby de Silva. As has happened in a number of other representative matches this season, the team total was between the scores shot in 2013 and 2012.

The North v South match was held in Blenheim over the weekend. A number of North Island shooters were affected by disruptions with ferry sailings, leading to many arriving extremely late on the Friday night and some not arriving until midday on Saturday; however these shooters were slotted into the afternoon session without too much trouble. Congratulations to Pratik Tailor on gaining a place in the New Zealand open team, and to Alex Woodwark and Meredith Ackrill on their selection to the New Zealand women's team. Meredith then shot 297 to be the top shot in this team - well done! Erin Little's 20-shot card was a new PB for her of 188.6 - to do this while shooting in such a high-level match is fantastic. The North Island won three of the four matches against the South Island, only missing out on the junior match. Congratulations to Michael Grain and Jess Fair who top-scored equally with one other person in the Derby match, all shooting 298. For many shooters, 20-yard targets were a new experience, but extremely good practice for Teams of Ten 2015 which will also be shot using 20-yard targets. The Marlborough Association hosting this event certainly did a great job with setting up a temporary range to a very high standard, ensuring plenty of space for gear, having targets marked efficiently and quickly, and providing transport to and from the ferry and airport.

The Osmond Shield is one of the major matches in the local shooting calendar, and will be shot on Saturday 30 August between all Wellington clubs. Teams comprise eight shooters, only four of whom can be graded A or Master, with all shooters shooting 1x10 shot card in seeded order. Brooklyn have won the Osmond Shield for a number of years, and hopefully will do so again this year. Our team will be selected next Sunday. Please let me know if you are NOT available for selection.

Round 2 of the local secondary schools match is being held next Sunday at the Royal Tiger Range. This may delay our afternoon session slightly, but we should be able to get under way before 5pm. Sally Johnston, winner of a gold medal in shooting at the recent Commonwealth Games, will be presenting the trophies, at which time the Wellington secondary schools team will be named to compete against other regions in a "hectangular" match the following Sunday.

Next week is a "free"week between series, so if you're up to date, consider shooting a marksmen's badge particularly if it looks like you'll be moving up a grade next year.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 18 August, Teams of Five Match, 8pm (2x20). #2 team: Maor Ben-Shahar, Callum Osborne. On call: Jialin Sae-Jiw, Craig Fair, Mark Riley.
  • Thursday 21 August, Round 6 Interclub. C Grade (7.45pm, 1x10): Erin Little, Stephen Thessman (captain), Jialin Sae-Jiw, Neakiry Kivi. B Grade (8.15pm, 1x10): Callum Osborne, Craig Fair (captain), Mark Riley, Jialin Sae-Jiw. Open Grade (8.45pm, 1x20): Pratik Tailor, Meredith Ackrill, Michael Grain, David Grain (captain). Teams manager: Evan Little.
  • Saturday 23 August, Triangular Open Match, Keene Range, 7pm (1x10 + 1x20). Team: Michael Grain, Meredith Ackrill, David Grain, Dianne Grain, Ross Little, Evan Little, Jess Fair.
  • Sunday 24 August, 2pm, Round 2 intercollegiate match (1x10). Marsden: Jialin Sae-Jiw (captain), Luisa Kristen, Jamie Yee, Neakiry Kivi, Samantha Jordan, Holly Milne. Wellington Girls: Erin Little (captain), August Gould, Elena Torres, Bex Amos.Wellington College: Callum Osborne (captain), Stephen Thessman, Alex Hill, Matthew Canlas, Rhys Mountain.
  • Saturday 30 August, BSA Cup Match, Levin, 1pm (2x10 UK targets). Emergency: Jess Fair. On call: Craig Fair.
  • Saturday 30 August, Osmond Shield, 7pm (1x10). Team to be named next Sunday.
  • Sunday 31 August, Regional intercollegiate match, 2pm (2x10). Team to be named next Sunday.