There were many good scores shot in the college training squad this week, particularly Matthew Canlas 93.2, Elena Torres 92.2, August Gould 92.1 and Samantha Jordan 91.1. In D Grade Jamie Yee was top shot with 94.4 and 93.2, followed by Luisa Kristen with 90.0. Erin Little scored 95.1 to be highest in C Grade, while Callum Osborne and Stephen Thessman both shot 94.3. Top scores in the higher grades were shot by Maor Ben-Shahar 98.3, Jess Fair 99.8, and Michael Grain 100.6. Pratik Tailor's 200.16 was the best score in the 20-shot competition and 199s were shot by Michael Grain, Meredith Ackrill and Pratik Tailor.

The interassociation women's match was held last Tuesday. Top shot was Meredith Ackrill with a very impressive 200.11 which meant another cake could be added to the roster - very timely as the cake roster was nearly empty. The team score was a little lower than in previous years.

In Round 5 of the interclub competition, our C Grade team finished a mere two points behind Wellington Central who shot their best score to date. Three of the four Brooklyn team members all recorded 95s, with Callum Osborne our top shooter on 95.5. Our B Grade team also recorded a loss against Wellington Central who gained four bonus points as well from two 99s shot. Once again Callum was top shot for our Brooklyn team, shooting 95.3, an inner ahead of Maor Ben-Shahar. In the Open Grade match, the Brooklyn team kept up their winning form, scoring a very good 790.39. All four shooters recorded scores within a point of each other - David Grain was top shot with 198.12, followed by Pratik Tailor with 198.8, while Meredith Ackrill and Michael Grain both shot 197s. With one round remaining, Brooklyn are 3rdin C Grade, 2nd in B Grade, and 1st in Open Grade. The final round will be shot on Thursday 21 August.

On Saturday the Triangular Women's, Junior and B Grade matches were held at the Keene Range in Petone. Hutt Valley won the women's match shooting 980.47 which included a fantastic 200.14 from our own Brooklyn shooter, Alexandra Woodwark, against Wellington's 956.37. Top shot for Wellington was Meredith Ackrill with 197.14 which included 100.9 (first shot dropped). Dianne Grain also recorded a 100 to be second highest for Wellington with 196.10. In a much closer competition, Hutt Valley also won the junior match (955.25 v 952.32). The top six scores were shot by Brooklyn members with Ross Little highest at 196.11. The B Grade match was won by Wellington by a mere two points (out of 2000) - top Brooklyn shooter (and third for Wellington) was Maor Ben-Shahar with 193.6.

Congratulations to Pratik Tailor on winning the National Indoor Championships 2014 with a very impressive score of 399.28, and to David Grain on his 3rd placing in A Grade with 394.20. Others finishing in the top 10 in their Grade were Michael Grain (7th Master Grade 396.27) and Jess Fair (7th A Grade 393.17). Full results are available on the Target Shooting New Zealand website.

Results from Round 4 of the Wellington Closed Champs have been emailed to members. Michael Grain retains a four-point lead in Master Grade (398.23), while Pratik Tailor moved to 3rd position with 393.22. David Grain's lead in A Grade has slipped to two points (394.18) thanks to Ross Little's 100.4 which moves him up to 2nd place (392.17) and Jess Fair climbs two places to be in 3rd position. In B Grade Sergey Kladnitski moves up to 2nd place with 388.15, and Jialin Sae-Jiw now leads C Grade on countback with 382.9. Neakiry Kivi shot 97.3 to move up a place to 2nd position in D Grade with 368.7 - this is a close competition with only point between 1st and 2nd, and another point between 2nd and 3rd. Alex Hill retains 4th place in the first year shooters section. Four Brooklyn women lead the women's competition (Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair, Dianne Grain and Jialin Sae-Jiw), while eight of the top nine juniors are Brooklyn shooters, the top four being Ross Little, Jess Fair, Sergey Kladnitski and Jialin Sae-Jiw. Round 5 targets need to be shot by Sunday 17 August.

Round 3 of the Triple S champs has now been shot, and overall results should be available later this week. It's great to see the continual improvement from the Wellington Girls team, and from individuals August Gould, Elena Torres, Jamie Yee, Luisa Kristen, Rhys Mountain and Matthew Canlas. Rhys's score of 89.1 and Matthew's score of 93.2 were both new PBs - well done! The final round is a 20-shot target, with the deadline of Sunday 7 September.

The Horowhenua Open Champs is being held this weekend at the Poroutawhao Range, just north of Levin. This is the final match in the Wellington Provincial Champs series. If you wish to shoot in the Horowhenua Open Champs and need equipment transported, please let me know.

Round 1 of the local secondary schools match is being held on Sunday afternoon at the Keene Range in Petone. Brooklyn shooters will be involved in shooting for Wellington College, Marsden and Wellington Girls teams.

Please note there will be no afternoon training session at the club next Sunday. The evening session will begin as usual at 7pm. If you are using club equipment and would like to shoot that evening, please let me know as we will only be taking a limited number of rifles to the club for that evening.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 5 August, 8.00pm, Titipounamu Match (1x10, 1x20). Team: David Grain, Ross Little, Dianne Grain, Jess Fair. On call:Callum Osborne.
  • Thursday 7 August, 7.30pm, NDC semi-final. Open section: Meredith Ackrill, David Grain, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Pratik Tailor. Composite section: Callum Osborne. Junior section: Jess Fair, Sergey Kladnitski, Ross Little. On call: Craig Fair, Stephen Thessman.
  • Saturday 9 August, Horowhenua Open Champs, Poroutawhao Range, Levin.
  • Sunday 10 August, 2.00pm, Round 1 intercollegiate match, Keene Range, Petone (1x10). Marsden: Jialin Sae-Jiw (captain), Luisa Kristen, Jamie Yee, Neakiry Kivi, Samantha Jordan, Holly Milne. Wellington Girls: Erin Little (captain), August Gould, Elena Torres, Bex Amos. Wellington College: Callum Osborne (captain), Stephen Thessman, Alex Hill, Matthew Canlas, Daniel Mackey. On call: Rhys Mountain.
  • Wednesday 13 August, 8.00pm, Interassociation D Grade match (2x10). Team: Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen.
  • Friday 16 August to Sunday 17 August, Interisland match, Blenheim. Open team: Michael Grain, Pratik Tailor. Women's team:Alexandra Woodwark, Dianne Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair. Junior team: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Callum Osborne, Erin Little.