The college training squad scores this week were very close with the highest score recorded by Alex Hill (88.1) followed by August Gould with 88.0. In D Grade Neakiry Kivi shot a new PB with an estimated score of 97.3, an inner higher than her previous PB - fantastic shooting for someone completely new to the sport in March this year. Luisa Kristen's 94.3 was the next highest in D Grade, and one of her better scores also. Stephen Thessman's 98.5 was the top score in C Grade; while Callum Osborne had a great night also, shooting 98.3 and 98.4. Sergey Kladnitski and Maor Ben-Shahar both shot 95.2 in B Grade, and only an inner separated the top two scores in A Grade this week (Dianne Grain 100.8 and Ross Little 100.7). Michael Grain's 99.7 in Master Grade was an inner ahead of his and Pratik Tailor's three 99.6s between them. And in the 20-shot competition Meredith Ackrill recorded the highest score of 196.7.

The Interassociation Open Match was held on Wednesday. The top three scores in the team were shot by Brooklyn members: Pratik Tailor 197.12, David Grain 197.9 and Meredith Ackrill 196.13. Both teams recorded lower scores than in the previous two years.

August is always a very busy month on the shooting calendar. The local secondary schools match is being held in two rounds on Sunday 10 and 24 August with the top 12 Wellington shooters then competing against other regions on Sunday 31 August. With the 10 August match being held at the Keene Range in Petone from 2.00pm to 4.30pm, the club will open for competition shooting at 7.00pm rather than 4.30pm on this day. If you use club equipment and will be shooting that Sunday evening, please let me know so that we can ensure your equipment is at the range for you.

With two months remaining of the indoor grading season, please ensure your Excel spreadsheet or hard copy grading card scores are up to date. It is much easier to record these after each shoot than to try to go back at the end of the season to find missing scores. All affiliated shooters must complete a grading record sheet for the current year, regardless of their shooting intentions for the following year.

Many thanks to Meredith Ackrill for the work she has been putting into funding applications recently. The club has been successful in securing $3000 to go towards new equipment. We are also seeking funding for various parts of the renovation of the new range - if you are interested in being involved in this very important part of the club, please contact Meredith. The more funding we can secure, the better the new range will be.

Long-time WSRA member, Ian Newton, has been hospitalised in intensive care following breathing difficulties last week and is now in an induced coma to give him some much-needed rest. We wish Ian all the best for a speedy recovery. However while he is out of action, Bev will have transport difficulties and may not be able to attend all of the many matches she is involved in. This will mean others will be called upon to help out as necessary, with their roles then being needed to be filled in the interim. So please offer your assistance to ensure things keep ticking along as normal.

At a recent WSRA Executive meeting, it was suggested and subsequently agreed that the current WRSA logo needed to be looked at because it was felt that it was both dated, and not necessarily representative of Wellington or smallbore rifle shooting. It was agreed to run a logo design competition with the winner receiving $250 cash. The competition begins this week and will run until 29 August when all entries must be in. If you are interested in submitting a logo design, and have any questions, please contact Sue Bowen.

The National Indoor Champs is being held this Sunday at a number of venues around the country, one of which is the Royal Tiger Range where the NIC will run from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. This in turn will mean our club training session will be delayed slightly. Please note the fairly substantial prize money being offered for the top three places in each grade, so come along and have a go. Any cards shot at the NIC can of course be nominated as your club competition cards for that day.

A reminder that if you wish to nominate for the BSA Cup Match, nomination forms need to be sent to Bev Newton by 31 July.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 29 July, 8.15 pm, Interassociation Women's match. Team: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Jess Fair. Emergency:Neakiry Kivi. On call: Luisa Kristen.
  • Wednesday 30 July, Round 5 interclub match. Open: Pratik Tailor, Michael Grain, David Grain (captain), Meredith Ackrill. B Grade:Maor Ben-Shahar, Craig Fair (captain), Mark Riley, Callum Osborne. C Grade: Callum Osborne, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman (captain), Neakiry Kivi.
  • Thursday 31 July, deadline for BSA Cup Match nominations forms to be sent to Bev Newton.
  • Saturday 2 August, 7.00pm, Keene Range, Petone, Triangular B Grade match: Team: Maor Ben-Shahar, Callum Osborne, Mark Riley. Emergency: Stephen Thessman. On call: Luisa Kristen.
  • Saturday 2 August, 7.00pm, Keene Range, Petone, Triangular Junior match: Team: Ross Little, Jess Fair (captain), Maor Ben-Shahar, Callum Osborne. Emergencies: Erin Little, Stephen Thessman. On call: Luisa Kristen.
  • Saturday 2 August, 7.00pm, Keene Range, Petone, Triangular Women's match: Team: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Jess Fair.Emergency: Luisa Kristen.
  • Sunday 3 August: deadline for Round 3 Triple S targets.
  • Sunday 3 August, 1.00pm, National Indoor Champs.
  • Tuesday 5 August, 8.00pm, Titipounamu Match. Team: David Grain, Ross Little, Dianne Grain, Jess Fair. On call: Callum Osborne.
  • Thursday 7 August, 7.30pm, NDC semi-final. Team to be named Sunday 3 August.