Starting with the 20-shot competition, the top score of 197.6 was shot by C Grader Callum Osborne during the afternoon training session; this was a new PB for Callum, two points higher than his previous PB. Regular visitor, Hamish Guthrey, scored a phenomenal 95.1 on the rest, and not surprisingly will move into sling and jacket in the next week or so. Top shot in the college training squad this week was Sarah May with 93.2 followed by Elena Torres with 92.3. Daniel Mackey recorded the best D Grade score of 93.1, only two inners away from his PB. The highest 10-shot score in C Grade this week was shot by Erin Little (94.3), and Sergey Kladnitski's 96.2 was the top score in B Grade. In A Grade David Grain shot 99.7 to finish two inners ahead of Jess Fair, and Michael Grain's 99.8 was the best score in Master Grade.

The Interassociation Junior match was held on Tuesday. Brooklyn juniors recorded the five best scores; well done! Top shot was Ross Little with 197.12 followed by Jess Fair with 196.8. The #1 team score was better than last year but lower than 2012, while the #2 team recorded their best score since the new targets were introduced. Results from all associations will be known at the end of the season.

Round 4 of the interclub competition was held on Thursday. While our C Grade and B Grade teams shot well and consistently (only three-point and two-point spreads across team members respectively) they were unlucky to suffer losses to South Wellington in both grades. Our open interclub team, however, shot exceedingly well, recording their best team score for more than two years (791.39) and remain unbeaten this season. With two rounds to go, South Wellington are winning C Grade (22 points) while Brooklyn and Wellington Central are second equal with 10 points; Brooklyn have the edge over South Wellington in B Grade (15 points to 14 points), and are well ahead in the open grade. Top Brooklyn shooters in each grade were Neakiry Kivi 95.3, Maor Ben-Shahar 96.3, and Pratik Tailor 199.13. Round 5 is scheduled for Wednesday 30 July.

A training session focused on our C and D Grade shooters was held yesterday. This session covered the importance of position set-up, natural point of aim, checking position, various drills, a discussion on using the scope and psychology involved with the sport, followed by a 20-shot competition card, and finishing with an "outdoor final" where shooters are given 45 seconds to fire one shot, each person's score estimation is announced, then the process is repeated for the remaining counting shots. Shooters also got the opportunity to have a go with Evan's SCATT which gives a recording of rifle movements before, during and after a shot, from which a diagnostic of faults can be made. Many thanks to David, Michael and Evan for organising this very worthwhile session, and to Craig, Ross and Jess for assisting during the afternoon.

A reminder that the Wellington Open Champs are being held on Friday and Saturday, with Brooklyn rostered for duty from 10am until 1pm. A roster will be emailed out in the next few days; please advise if you are available to help for an hour or two and which task(s) you would prefer to be rostered for. It would be good to have a large number of our membership supporting our own association by shooting in this match. Coaching will be available from 10-11am so come along and have a go. Please remember that if you use a club rifle, you need to let me know that you want to shoot so that the rifle will be at the range when you are.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 12 / Saturday 13 July, Wellington Open Champs.
  • Thursday 17 July, 7.30pm, Round 5 NDC. Teams to be named on Sunday 13 July.
  • Saturday 19 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Wednesday 23 July, 8.15pm, Interassociation Open Match. Teams to be named on Sunday 13 July.