With 33 shooters at the club yesterday, a number of new PBs, season PBs and almost but not quite new PBs were shot. Starting with the 20-shot competition, Michael Grain scored a season PB of 200.18, equalling his overall PB. David Grain and Pratik Tailor recorded the next highest 20-shot scores, being 198.12 and 197.11 respectively. Pratik shot the best 10-shot score in Master Grade; 100.5 followed by Alex Woodwark 99.8, Evan Little 99.6, and Meredith Ackrill 99.4. Only a point separated the four A Graders yesterday; Jess Fair was highest with 99.6, then David Grain, Dianne Grain and Ross Little all scored 98s. In B Grade Sergey Kladnitski scored 99.5, and 97.3s were shot by Maor Ben-Shahar, Craig Fair and Sergey. Jialin Sae-Jiw was an inner below her PB when she shot an estimated 98.4 in C Grade; Greg Mason was next best with 95.2. Top shot in D Grade this week was Neakiry Kivi with 92.2 followed by Jamie Yee with an estimated 91.2. Rhys Mountain also shot a near PB of 88.1, two inners below his best score ever. Four in the college training squad recorded at least one score in the 90s this week; the best was Samantha Jordan with a new PB of 94.2 followed by Elena Torres, also with a new PB of 93.3. New shooters using a rest, Inge Little and Hamish Guthrey, both shot well; 87.1 and 84.0 respectively.

The Interassociation B Grade match was held on Monday. Congratulations to Mark Riley on being top Wellington shooter with 194.7. Both teams scored better than two years ago but lower than last year. Results from all associations will be known at the end of the season.

Wellington were triumphant in all three sections of the NDC match against Wanganui on Thursday. The junior section comprising Ross Little, Sergey Kladnitski and Jess Fair scored 584.28, the top junior score for Wellington this season. Michael Grain scored 299.22 which was the highest score shot in the entire NDC competition; well done! He was extremely close to scoring bonus points for Wellington, shooting 100.9 and 199.13. Wellington remain in 2nd place in Division 2 after four rounds, three points behind Taranaki who also had a clean sweep in this round against Marlborough. It's Wellington's turn to face Marlborough in Round 5 on 17 July while Taranaki are up against current 3rd placed team, Southland.

At the Wanganui Open Champs on Saturday, a battle brewed between five Brooklyn members from the first card, with four scoring 98.6 and one 98.4. After three cards, the five were separated by a mere two points, with Ross Little coming out on top with 295.15 followed by Dianne Grain 294.16, Evan Little 294.15, David Grain 294.14 and Jess Fair 294.13. Top Brooklyn shooter at the match was Pratik Tailor with 298.22. It was great to see Inge Little having a go in the "on the rest" section.

The Wellington Open Champs are being held on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 July. Brooklyn are likely to be rostered "on duty" for the usual 10am to 1pm time slot. Please let me know which task and hour or two you are able to help with. It would be good to have a large number of our membership supporting our own association by shooting in this match. Remember that if you use a club rifle, you need to let me know that you want to shoot so that the rifle will be at the range when you are.

We are hoping to commence the renovations to our new range in September, and would be interested to hear if anyone has electrical, plumbing, painting, building, etc skills that could be utilised, or access to supplies at low cost. We are also seeking anyone with auditing or fundraising skills. Next year is the club's centenary and we have been granted permission from TSNZ to host our own "Brooklyn Club centenary open champs" on 25 July 2015. The committee are also looking at a number of other options to celebrate our centenary during the year, but having a new range to use will be the ultimate celebration. The old Bruce Avenue range continues to transform into a family home, especially with the addition of a baby girl born earlier this month; new life in the old range.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 1 July, Interassociation Junior match (8.00pm, 2x10): Team #1: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Maor Ben-Shahar, Callum Osborne. Team #2: Jialin Sae-Jiw, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman, Neakiry Kivi. Emergency: Luisa Kristen. On call: Nick Desi.
  • Thursday 3 July, interclub. C Grade (7.45pm, 1x10): Jialin Sae-Jiw, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman (captain), Neakiry Kivi. B Grade (8.15pm, 1x10): Mark Riley, Maor Ben-Shahar, Craig Fair (captain), Jialin Sae-Jiw. Open Grade (8.45pm, 1x20): Michael Grain, Pratik Tailor, Ross Little, Meredith Ackrill. Team managers/coaches: David Grain, Evan Little.
  • Sunday 6 July, Round 2 Triple S deadline: all college shooters.
  • Sunday 6 July, Round 3 closed champs deadline.
  • Friday 12 / Saturday 13 July, Wellington Open Champs.