It was great to see such a large number of members at the club this week; 23 (out of 26 active members) as well as seven from the training squad and one new shooter. Many thanks to all our coaches and organisers in the afternoon session, as well as Yogesh Tailor and Stephen Thessman for range officering, target changing and marking the evening session.

The college training squad are starting to achieve some really good scores with five in the low 90s yesterday (Conrad Draper 93.1, Samantha Jordan 92.3; Bex Amos 91.2; August Gould 91.1 and Holly Milne 90.2). Sam and Holly's scores were new PBs, while Elena Torres also recorded a new PB of 88.1. D Grader Luisa Kristen was back on form this week, shooting a new PB of 95.3; the next best score in D Grade was from Neakiry Kivi with 94.2; and Daniel Mackey also shot well with 93.2, only an inner away from his best score. In C Grade Callum Osborne recorded the best score - 95.3, followed by Jialin Sae-Jiw with 94.2 and Stephen Thessman with 94.1. B Grader Sergey Kladnitski had a great night, shooting 98.4 followed by 99.5 for his next Triple S card. Ross Little was top shot in A Grade with 99.7; and Pratik Tailor was highest Master Grade shooter this week with 99.3. Pratik also recorded the best 20-shot scores of 199.12 (including 100.6) and 199.13 (including 100.7); while Michael Grain, Evan Little and Ross Little all shot 197s (Michael's included the "oh so close" 100.9, while Ross's included 100.4).

The Wellington women's team achieved a good eight-point win against Christchurch on Tuesday night, with both teams shooting their best score since the new targets were introduced two years ago. Top Wellington shooter was Meredith Ackrill with 197.11 which included 100.5 on her second card. Wellington were also shooting against Manawatu, with this result to be known in a few weeks' time.

Results are available from the second round of the Wellington closed champs competition. Michael Grain has extended his lead in Master Grade to three points after shooting 100.4 in this round, while Pratik Tailor has moved up to 2nd place. David Grain leads A Grade by three points, Ross Little remains in 2nd place and Dianne Grain has moved up to 3rd. In B Grade Sergey Kladnitski is 3rd; in C Grade Jialin Sae-Jiw moves up two places to 3rd; in D Grade Neakiry Kivi is now 4th, an inner behind 3rd place; and Conrad Draper moves to 3rd place in the first-year shooters section. The top three placings in the women's section are currently held by Brooklyn shooters (Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain and Jess Fair) and in the junior section Ross Little and Sergey Kladnitski are the top two. The deadline for Round 3 targets is Sunday 6 July.

Ten Brooklyn shooters competed in the Wairarapa Open Champs over the weekend. Congratulations to Michael Grain, 4th in Master Grade (298.20); Dianne Grain, 3rd in A Grade (297.13); and Erin Little, 3rd in C Grade (283.5). Michael, Dianne, Pratik Tailor and Alex Woodwark all gained a place in the Final 10.

Next Sunday our college shooters will be shooting their Eley Challenge cards (Wellington College won this competition last year and were presented with a pretty fantastic trophy at the inter-island secondary schools match). Please remember to stamp either of your targets "competition" so that it can count towards the club competition as well.

The Wellington provincial champs are under way. This championship comprises the best five scores from six association champs (Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, Wanganui, Wellington, Manawatu and Horowhenua). If you wish to compete in the Wanganui Open Champs this weekend and need assistance with transportation of equipment, please let me know.

Brooklyn will undertake its final cleaning duties this month next Sunday at 5.45pm. Tasks include cleaning toilets, handbasins, floors, kitchen benches, vacuuming both social area and mounds, and picking up brass. Please bring along mops, buckets, cleaning materials, vacuum cleaners, gloves, brooms, etc so that the cleaning can be carried out by as many people as possible in the smallest amount of time.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 23 June, Interassociation B Grade match (8.15pm, 1x20): Team #1: Craig Fair, Sergey Kladnitski. Team #2: Mark Riley, Callum Osborne. Emergency: Maor Ben-Shahar. On call: Luisa Kristen, Nick Desi.
  • Thursday 26 June, NDC Round 4 (7.30pm): Open section: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Evan Little, Pratik Tailor.Composite section: Craig Fair, David Grain. Junior section: Jess Fair, Sergey Kladnitski, Ross Little. Emergency: Callum Osborne. On call: Stephen Thessman.
  • Saturday 28 June, Wanganui Open Champs, Wanganui.
  • Sunday 29 June, Eley Challenge match for all college shooters, 4.30pm (2x10).
  • Sunday 29 June, cleaning session (5.45pm): all members to assist.
  • Tuesday 1 July, Interassociation Junior match (8.00pm, 2x10): Team #1: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Maor Ben-Shahar, Callum Osborne. Team #2: Jialin Sae-Jiw, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman, Neakiry Kivi. Emergency: Luisa Kristen. On call: Nick Desi.
  • Thursday 3 July, interclub. Teams to be named next Sunday.
  • Sunday 6 July, Round 2 Triple S deadline: all college shooters.
  • Sunday 6 July, Round 3 closed champs deadline.