Many thanks to everyone who helped with the range cleaning yesterday, particularly Conrad Draper's mum Julie. It was certainly a case of many hands make light work, with the task accomplished in less than half an hour.

It was great to see Neil Maddever and Andrew Maddever back at the club this week, with Neil shooting particularly well (97.3, 192.6). Even though it was a holiday weekend, and a free night, shooters still numbered in the very high 20s, with many fantastic scores and new PBs shot. Top shot in the college training squad was Sarah May with 91.0, followed by Matthew Canlas with a new PB of 89.2. Other new PBs in the squad were shot by Alex Hill (87.1) and Bex Amos (86.0). Neakiry Kivi's 96.5 was the top score in D Grade, followed by Jamie Yee with 92.2. The C Grade scores were close - Callum Osborne was highest with 97.5, then Erin Little 95.5, Jialin Sae-Jiw 95.4 and Stephen Thessman 94.3. Craig Fair top-scored in B Grade with 97.5 followed by Maor Ben-Shahar with 96.4. David Grain shot his third club 100 in a row, this time 100.9 nearly the perfect score, to lead A Grade, and Pratik Tailor and Meredith Ackrill were separated by a mere inner in Master Grade (99.7 and 99.6 respectively). There were many extremely good scores shot in the 20-shot competition this week: Ross Little was highest with 199.13 (including 100.7), followed by Jess Fair 198.12 (including 100.6), Pratik Tailor 198.11 and David Grain 198.9 (including 100.7).

The A Grade interassociation match was held on Monday. While the scores were not particularly high, the overall result was around the same level as in previous years. Top Brooklyn shooter was Dianne Grain with 194.10.

Results are available from the first round of the Wellington closed champs competition. Michael Grain is leading Master Grade with 99.6, followed by Meredith Ackrill on 98.7. David Grain is ahead in A Grade with a great start of 100.4, with Ross Little currently second on 99.6. In B Grade Sergey Kladnitski is 3rd with 98.4; in C Grade Jialin Sae-Jiw is 5th with 96.3; in D Grade Neakiry Kivi is 3rd with 91.0; and Conrad Draper is leading the first-year shooters with 93.3. The top four placings in the women's section are currently held by Brooklyn shooters (Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair, Dianne Grain, Jialin Sae-Jiw) and in the junior section Ross Little, Jess Fair and Sergey Kladnitski are in the top three positions. The deadline for Round 2 targets is Sunday 15 June.

The Hutt Valley Open Champs is on this weekend. The range will open at 7pm on Friday night, and 10am on Saturday morning. It would be good to see a large number of Brooklyn shooters entering these champs and supporting our neighbouring association (note D Grade entry is only $10). If you wish to compete and need equipment transported to the Keene Range, please let me know by Thursday.

Next Sunday we are hosting the interclub match which will restrict club shooting a little. Those involved in the interclub matches will be able to nominate their targets for the club competition, and it is hoped we can squeeze 10-shot squads in for everyone else between the interclub squads. Eight mounds will also be available for 20-shot cards at the same time as the open interclub teams compete. Interclub involves up to 40 shooters so space in the hall will also be tight and our usual club equipment will need to be packed away prior to the interclub competition commencing if it is not being used. Therefore it would be appreciated if as many club shooters as possible could shoot in the afternoon next Sunday.

A reminder that the deadline for Round 1 Triple SSS targets, which involves all college shooters, is next Sunday.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 5 June, Round 3 NDC competition (7.30pm). Open team: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Evan Little, Pratik Tailor. Composite team: Craig Fair, David Grain. Junior team: Jess Fair, Sergey Kladnitski, Ross Little. Emergency:Stephen Thessman. On call: Jialin Sae-Jiw.
  • Friday 6 / Saturday 7 June, Hutt Valley Open Champs, Petone.
  • Sunday 8 June, Round 3 interclub competition. C Grade (7.45pm, 1x10): Callum Osborne, Jialin Sae-Jiw, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman (captain). B Grade (8.15pm, 1x10): Sergey Kladnitski, Craig Fair (captain), Maor Ben-Shahar, Mark Riley. Open Grade(8.45pm, 1x20): Michael Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Pratik Tailor, Evan Little (captain). Team manager: David Grain.
  • Sunday 8 June, Round 1 Triple SSS deadline: all college shooters.
  • Wednesday 11 June, Interassociation C Grade match (8.00pm, 2x10): #1 team: Callum Osborne, Jialin Sae-Jiw, Erin Little. #2 team: Stephen Thessman, Neakiry Kivi. Emergency: Luisa Kristen. On call: Nick Desi. Team manager: Evan Little.
  • Saturday 14 June, Southern Hawkes Bay Open Champs, Dannevirke.