Interclub dates have been finalised as follows:

  • Tuesday 6 May
  • Monday 19 May
  • Sunday 8 June
  • Thursday 3 July
  • Wednesday 30 July
  • Thursday 21 August

Please let me know if you do not wish to be involved in interclub matches. All affiliated club shooters are eligible for selection to the club's interclub teams for their grade and higher grades. Teams will be selected 1-2 weeks prior to the match date, and advised by email. Match times are as follows:

  • C Grade (comprising D Grade and C Grade shooters): 7.45 pm, 1x10 shot
  • B Grade (comprising B Grade and below shooters): 8.15 pm, 1x10 shot
  • Open Grade (comprising shooters from any grade): 8.45 pm, 1x20 shot

Welcome to our two new club members: Neakiry Kivi who began in the college training squad last month and shot exceptionally well on the sling; and Nick Hill, father of college training squad shooter, Alex Hill.

The college training squad scores on slings are improving rapidly, with eight scores in the 80s being shot yesterday. Top shot was Sarah May, brand new to the sling as of yesterday, who scored 88.0, very closely followed by August Gould 87.2, Conrad Draper 87.1 and Holly Milne 87.0.

It was also a good week for club shooting, with all four Master Graders shooting 100s as part of their 20-shot targets (Pratik Tailor 100.8, Meredith Ackrill 100.6, Evan Little 100.6, Michael Grain 100.5). Top shot was Meredith Ackrill with 199.10. In the 10-shot competition, Jamie Yee was highest D Grader with 95.3, followed by Neakiry Kivi 94.2, and Nick Desi 93.1 (all scores either a personal best or within inners of it). It was very close in C Grade with Erin Little top-scoring with 96.4, followed by Callum Osborne 96.3, Stephen Thessman 96.2 and Jialin Sae-Jiw 95.5. Sergey Kladnitski led B Grade this week with 97.5, three inners ahead of Craig Fair on 97.2. Top shot in A Grade was Ross Little with 99.1, and in Master Grade was Michael Grain with 99.7.

Evan Little, Dianne Grain and Luisa Kristen competed in the Colyton Open Champs on Saturday. While none finished in the top three, it was great to get back into open champs competitions. The Bulls Open Champs is being held this Saturday at the Manawatu Range in Palmerston North. To be eligible for North Island teams, shooters must compete in a minimum of four open champs between 1 April and 30 June. Please have a look at the finalised club calendar attached, and plan which matches you wish to attend, then let me know on or before the preceding Sunday so that I can arrange for your equipment to be there.

The first of the Rees Scroll / Teams of Ten trials were held yesterday morning. Congratulations to Evan Little on top-scoring with an extremely impressive 398.27. Brooklyn shooters finished in six of the top seven places; well done! The second trials are being held next Sunday at 9.30 am.

All affiliated shooters should now be recording their competition scores on the Excel spreadsheet forwarded in last week's Brooklyn Shooting Update, or alternatively on the hard copy version available at the club.

Please remember that if you have a gap on the scoreboard, you have a six-week period in which to shoot an extra competition card. After that the gap cannot be filled in, so to get up to date, stamp both cards competition next week. Also consider shooting in the evening session so that you can get some practice in on 20-shot cards.

Thanks to all those who have paid their subs. There are just a few left outstanding so if you haven't paid your subs and are unsure how much you need to pay, please contact Evan. The deadline for subs is next Sunday.

The club will be open on Easter Sunday at the usual 4.30pm time. Please note, however, that there will be no afternoon shooting on Sunday 27 April, due to the Wellington v Horowhenua match in Levin that afternoon. The evening session will get under way at the usual 7pm start time.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday 12 April, Bulls Club Open Champs, Palmerston North.
  • Sunday 13 April, 9.30 am, Teams of Ten Trials, 2x20 shot.
  • Sunday 13 April, 3.00 pm. Moving new shooters into slings. Guidance available if you wish to learn this important task. Please let me know if you are available to help.
  • Saturday 19 April, Rangitikei Open Champs, Marton.
  • Sunday 20 April, 9.30 am, Teams of Ten Trials, 2x20 shot.