Many thanks to all those who came along to assist with putting the first college training squad group into slings. There was some very impressive shooting with Neakiry Kivi and August Gould shooting 91.1 and 87.1 respectively. Top shots on the rest this week were Ashley Parker 89.1, Conrad Draper 86.0, and Nicoli Yamog 82.1. Another group of five will move into slings next Sunday, with the last group of five undertaking the transition by mid-April.

The 100s board gained two more names this week: Pratik Tailor 100.8 and Ross Little 100.5 (both as part of their 20-shot targets). Pratik top-scored in the 20-shot competition with 199.16 closely followed by Ross with 199.11.

It was extremely close in D Grade with only an inner separating the top two (Ronan Balm 92.3, Jamie Yee 92.2). Erin Little shot highest in C Grade (93.2), followed by Callum Osborne (92.2). It's looking like there's a good competition brewing in B Grade with three shooters separated by only a point (Craig Fair 97.0, Sergey Kladnitski 96.3 and Maor Ben-Shahar 96.2). Ross Little led A Grade this week with 99.8, followed a mere inner behind by Jess Fair with 99.7. And Pratik Tailor was top shot in Master Grade with 99.3.

At the WSRA Executive meeting on Friday, it was decided that interclub matches would be shot in six rounds, once on each of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and twice on Thursday. The calendar is in the process of being finalised, and will be emailed out once completed. Please keep this handy and transfer the interclub dates to your shooting diary if you have one.

The first of the open championship matches is coming up soon. Anyone can enter these matches, with prizes awarded to the top few shooters in each grade. They're a great way to get experience shooting at different ranges around the country, while testing your stamina in shooting 3x10 shot cards rather than the usual two. If you're interested in having a go at any of the open champs, get a group and share the transportation it's a lot of fun going to these matches together. Also remember to let a senior member know that you'd like to compete so that your equipment can be organised to get there too.

Upcoming events:

  • Sunday 30 March, 3.00pm. Moving new shooters into slings. Guidance available if you wish to learn this important task. Please let me know if you are available to help.
  • Saturday 5 April, Colyton Club Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Sunday 6 April, 9.30 am, Teams of Ten Trials, 2x20 shot.