It was great to see such a large number of shooters at the club this week - 33! Visitor Ollie Tuohy did not appear to have much difficulty moving into jacket and sling, scoring in the 80s on both cards, while a switch to better-fitting equipment gave Andrea Tuohy (nee Logan) a very tidy 93, and Inge Little also scored well on the rest with 85. Top shot in the college training squad this week was Alex Hill with a 20-shot score of 180.1 including 91.1, and both Elena Torres and Samantha Jordan shot 90.1 as part of their 20-shot cards.

In D Grade Rhys Mountain shot extremely well, scoring a new 20-shot PB of 182.2. Top shots in D Grade this week were Luisa Kristen 187.3 (including 96.3) and Neakiry Kivi 185.3 (including 96.2). In C Grade Callum Osborne had a great night, shooting 194.6 for his Triple S target and a fantastic 99.7 (which was ever so close to being his first-ever 100) for his club competition card; and Erin Little recorded a new 20-shot PB of 189.3 (including 97.2). Sergey Kladnitski's 98.3 was the best score in B Grade this week, David Grain top-scored in A Grade with 99.6 closely followed by Ross Little with 99.4, and Michael Grain shot highest in Master Grade with 99.4. In the 20-shot competition Ross Little and Meredith Ackrill both shot 198.14 (with Ross's including 100.9).

The Wellington v Hertfordshire match was held on Friday night. Wellington averaged 96.7, an improvement over previous years. Ross Little was top Brooklyn shooter in this match, and second highest overall, shooting 100.7 on NZ targets, followed by 98 on UK targets.

Congratulations to Michael Grain on top-scoring at the Wellington v Hutt Open Match on Saturday night. Michael started with a very impressive 100.8 and obviously decided 8 inners weren't enough, so improved on each of his two next cards, to score a phenomenal 99.9 and 100.10, giving an overall total of 299.27!! It was an extremely close match between the two associations, with both teams ending up with the same score, but Hutt finishing ahead by inners. Hutt Valley also won the women's match - top Wellington shooter was Jess Fair with 294.14.

Thanks to the members who helped at the Bell Road working bee on Saturday. A lot of work was carried out on clearing gutters and drains, washing down exterior walls, and cutting back overhanging tree branches.

Next Sunday Brooklyn are hosting the Wright Cup match which will be shot over six 10-shot squads beginning at 7.30pm. Shooters involved in this match will be clustered on the top mounds, while club shooting will take place on the bottom mounds. It would be appreciated if team members could please bring a plate of food for supper.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 12 September: Wellington v Hutt C Grade match, 7.30pm, 2x10. Team: Callum Osborne, Stephen Thessman, Erin Little.Emergencies: Luisa Kristen, Neakiry Kivi. Plate of food for supper please.
  • Friday 12 September: Wellington v Hutt Interclub Winners match. Open Grade (1x20): Michael Grain, David Grain, Evan Little (captain), Ross Little. Plate of food for supper please.
  • Sunday 14 September: Wright Cup match, 7.30pm (1x10). Team in shooting order: Jialin Sae-Jiw, Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen, Erin Little, Stephen Thessman, Callum Osborne. On call: Greg Mason, Jamie Yee. Plate of food for supper please.
  • Tuesday 16 September: Wellington v Waikato D Grade match. Wellington have defaulted.
  • Saturday 20 September: North Island Open Champs, Palmerston North.