Congratulations to Thomas Kilroy on shooting a new PB of 92.2.  Top 20-shot score this week was shot by Michael Grain (200.13).  David Grain scored highest in Master Grade with 99.6, while Dianne Grain had the best score in A Grade (99.5).  Top shot in B Grade was Callum Osborne with 97.4, and Neil Maddever had a fantastic night in C Grade, scoring 99.7.  There were many great scores shot in D Grade, the top five as follows: Summer O’Dwyer 98.2, Ben Cox 96.3, Phil Cox 95.4, Hamish Guthrey 95.3 and Luisa Kristen 95.3.  And Inge Little continues to shoot well on the rest, scoring 91.1.

Jess Fair had a phenomenal shoot at the Titipounamu match on Tuesday, scoring 299.18.  Jess recently bought herself a better fitting jacket and it’s obviously working extremely well.  The team score was similar to previous years.  For those wondering where the name comes from, “Titipounamu” means “rifleman”.  This match is organised by Target Shooting Auckland and contested between many associations around New Zealand.  Full results will be available mid-September.

The North v South match was held at Wanganui on Saturday.  Congratulations to Meredith Ackrill on being selected for both the New Zealand women’s team and the New Zealand open team, finishing in 2nd place overall with 794.26 a point behind the 1st placegetter, and to Jess Fair on her selection to the New Zealand junior team.  The North Island won the veterans, women’s and open sections, while the South won the junior match.

Many thanks to everyone who is available and keen to shoot in the upcoming Wright Cup and Osmond Shield matches on Saturday 29 August.  The club will be entering two teams in each of these competitions.  There are still a couple of spots to fill in the teams, so please ensure you reply to any emails promptly to allow the teams to be organised as soon as possible.

Please continue to update your grading spreadsheet regularly.  It is much easier to enter the scores each week, rather than trying to go back and find missing scores at a later stage.  With only six weeks to go before the grading season finishes, most people should be able to see their likely grade for next season.

Next week is a gap week between the fourth and fifth series, so if you’re up to date think about trying for a marksmen’s badge, or doing a 20-shot target in preparation for the last round of the Triple S competition.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 17 August, Teams of Five, 8.00pm, 2x20.  Team #2: Callum Osborne, Craig Fair, Andrea Tuohy.  On call: Summer O’Dwyer, Ollie Tuohy.
  • Thursday 20 August, Interclub Round 6.  B Grade team, 1x10, 8.15pm: Craig Fair (captain), Summer O’Dwyer, Stephen Thessman, Callum Osborne.  Open team, 1x20, 8.45pm: Meredith Ackrill, David Grain (captain), Michael Grain, Jess Fair (TBC).
  • Saturday 22 August, Triangular Open Match, 3.00pm, 1x10 + 1x20, Martinborough.  Team: Michael Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little, Ross Little, Jess Fair.  On call: Craig Fair.
  • Sunday 23 August, 2pm, Round 2 Wellington/Hutt Valley secondary schools match.  Marsden: Summer O’Dwyer, Luisa Kristen, Neakiry Kivi, Georgia Karantze, Leilani Fam, Mila Ballara.  Wellington College: Callum Osborne, Stephen Thessman, Greg Mason, Ben Cox, Nicoli Yamog.  Wellington Girls: Erin Little.
  • Sunday 23 August, Eley Challenge secondary schools match, 2x10, shot at club.
  • Thursday 27 August, NDC Finals, 7.30pm.  Team to be named next Sunday.