Many thanks to Mark Baines and Michael Grain for their assistance and knowledge in helping our senior shooters improve their shooting positions yesterday, and to our afternoon coaches David Grain, Mark Riley and Craig Fair.  It’s great for our club and club members to have this resource available and willing to offer advice.

With this week being a gap week, many of our newer shooters got the opportunity to shoot a 20-shot card.  Congratulations to the following shooters on recording a new 20-shot PB: Ben Cox 190.6, Leilani Fam 186.4, Jack MacCormick 173.2, Matthew Canlas 173.0, and Mila Ballara 168.1.  Inge Little continues to shoot well on the rest, this week recording another 91.  There were many impressive scores shot in D Grade yesterday, the top five being Summer O’Dwyer 96.5, Luisa Kristen 95.4, Hamish Guthrey 95.3, Ben Cox 95.2, and Phil Cox 94.1.  Erin Little top-scored in C Grade with 97.1 followed by Neil Maddever with 95.5.  In B Grade the highest score was recorded by Callum Osborne 97.2 with Mark Riley also shooting well with 96.1.  Dianne Grain had the best score in A Grade of 98.7 followed by Ross Little on 97.4, and Pratik Tailor and Meredith Ackrill were highest in Master Grade with 100.7 and 99.4 respectively.

The Teams of Five match, comprising two 20-shot cards, was shot on Monday.  Callum Osborne was top shot for Brooklyn (and second-highest shooter for Wellington) scoring a commendable 387.19.  The team scores were similar to previous years’ scores.  Target Shooting Hutt Valley organise the Teams of Five match and will provide full results from all associations in mid-September.

In the final round of the interclub competition, Brooklyn won both its B Grade and Open Grade matches while our C Grade team had a bye.  Callum Osborne scored 99.6 to give the B Grade team bonus points, and with the team shooting their best score during the season, it finished one point ahead of South Wellington in a very close match.  Our Open Grade team recorded their fourth win from four matches, with an excellent score of 786.44, their second highest this season.  Brooklyn wins the Open Grade competition, Wellington Central has won the C Grade competition while Brooklyn are 2nd, and the B Grade competition is to be decided by a three-way shoot-off on Thursday 3 September between Melrose, Aotea and Wellington Central (Brooklyn is 4th).

The Triangular Open Match was shot in Martinborough on Saturday afternoon between Hutt Valley, Wellington and Wairarapa.  Hutt Valley convincingly won the match with 2936, 28 points ahead of Wellington on 2908, and Wairarapa were 3rd with 2860.  Meredith Ackrill was top shot for Brooklyn (and second-highest shooter for Wellington) with 297.12.

Unfortunately our Wellington College team were not able to sustain their seven-point lead going into Round 2 of the local secondary schools match, finishing in 2nd place, a point behind Onslow.  Our Marsden team shot very well in the second round to move from 7th position to 4th, six points behind Taita.  Top shot for Wellington College was Callum Osborne with 194.6, Erin Little top-scored for Wellington Girls College with 190.1, and Summer O’Dwyer shot best for Marsden with 188.6.  The top 12 Wellington shooters will now shoot against Marlborough, Canterbury, Manawatu, Hutt Valley and Waikato in a ‘hectangular’ match next Sunday.  This Wellington team includes Callum Osborne, Stephen Thessman, Erin Little, Summer O’Dwyer and Ben Cox, with on call shooters Luisa Kristen and Georgia Karantze invited to shoot as well.

Results from Round 5 of the closed champs competition are now available.  Michael Grain and Pratik Tailor still lead Master Grade.  Evan Little, Dianne Grain and Jess Fair hold the top three places in A Grade.  Andrea Tuohy is the highest Brooklyn shooter in B Grade, currently in 9th position, and Stephen Thessman is in 5th position in C Grade.  Summer O’Dwyer continues to have a three-point lead in D Grade, while Ollie Tuohy is in 3rd place.  The top three in the women’s competition are Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain and Jess Fair, and Jess Fair leads the junior competition with Summer O’Dwyer in 3rd place.  The deadline for the final round of this competition is Sunday 6 September.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 27 August, NDC Finals, 7.30pm.  Open team: Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair, David Grain, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Evan Little, Pratik Tailor.  Composite team: Andrea Tuohy.  Junior team: Ross Little, Stephen Thessman.  Emergencies: Craig Fair, Summer O’Dwyer.  On call: Ollie Tuohy, Luisa Kristen.
  • Saturday 29 August, Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches, 7.30pm.  Teams to be named tomorrow.
  • Sunday 30 August, Intercollegiate ‘hectangular match’, 2.00pm, 2x10.  Wellington team: Callum Osborne, Stephen Thessman, Erin Little, Summer O’Dwyer, Ben Cox.  On call (invited to shoot): Luisa Kristen, Georgia Karantze.
  • Friday 4 September, Wellington v Hertfordshire, 7.30pm, 1x10 NZ and 1x10 UK.  Team: Michael Grain, David Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little, Jess Fair, Dianne Grain, Ross Little, Andrea Tuohy.  Emergency: Craig Fair.  On call: Ollie Tuoh.
  • Sunday 6 September, deadline for Round 6, Wellington Closed Champs.
  • Sunday 6 September, deadline for Round 4, Triple S secondary schools competition.