In the second week of the introduction to shooting programme, there was a noticeable increase in scores for the majority of shooters, with 17 scores in the 80s and 16 scores in the 70s.  Top shots were Parker Robertson (Wn Girls) 84.0 89.1, Summer O’Dwyer (Marsden) 89.1 83.0, Georgia Karantze (Marsden) 80.0 89.1, and Logan Brantley (Wn College) 85.2      82.1.  Many thanks to the large number of members helping out each week with the programme.  Next week the shooters will undertake self-squadding and target preparation as they move towards club membership.

Trying out a brand new shooting jacket didn’t stop Michael Grain from showing us all how to shoot well, scoring a very impressive 100.6.  Andrea Tuohy, using her original Anschutz jacket for the first time in many years, also shot extremely well with 99.7 on her second card.  The top score in D Grade was shot by Ollie Tuohy 95.4, in C Grade Erin Little had a very tidy 97.5, Craig Fair scored highest in B Grade with 96.2, and Ross Little finished three inners ahead of dad, Evan, to score highest in A Grade with 97.7.

The 2015 fees were set at the BSRC AGM last night as follows:

  Senior A Senior B Junior A** Junior B** College
BSRC subs including WSRA and TSNZ affiliation fees* $305 $190 $275 $160 $275
Closed champs $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Coaching***         $25
Triple SSS champs         $10
  $315 $200 $285 $170 $320
Nightly range fees $0 $6/night $0 $6/night $0
Ammunition $90/500 $90/500 $90/500 $90/500 $90/500
Marksmen’s badges $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge

*       For adult family members living in the same household, second affiliation fee is discounted by $30.
Please ignore TSNZ affiliation fee if paid already through outdoor summer shooting.

**     Junior A and B subs relate to those aged under 21 as at 31 December, but who have left college.

***   The “coaching” fee goes towards partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by coaches and organisers in attending secondary school shooting competitions.

Prompt payment would be appreciated, either at the club or direct into the club’s bank account 38-9005-0731057-01 using your name as the reference.

The club competition commences next Sunday, broken into five series of five weeks with a gap week between series.  The first card marked “competition” will be the score for that night’s club competition, with second and subsequent scores filling up gaps from the oldest gap forwards.  Only after all gaps have been filled in can a shooter shoot a week in advance.  A new competition has been introduced at the club this year: the BCD 20-shot competition.  The winner will be the B, C or D Grade shooter who has the best 15 20-shot scores out of the possible 25 20-shot scores on the competition board.  And the club championship will be determined by the aggregate of the 10-shot and 20-shot competitions, rather than simply on the best 10-shot scores over the season.

The Wellington Association AGM is being held on Friday, commencing at 7.45pm.  If you haven’t received the agenda and associated papers, and would like to, please let me know.

The Association has invited sports psychologist and motivational speaker, Gavin Davey, to talk to our shooters about the mental discipline aspect of shooting on Friday 27 March at 7.30pm (poster attached).  Did you know that 90% of shooting is about your mental game! so this is a great opportunity for shooters of all levels.  Prepaid tickets are available for the discounted price of $20 while door sale tickets at $25 will be limited.  To order tickets contact Bronwyn Shields (04 478 9333, 021 577, 088,

Please encourage your non-shooting friends and/or workmates to form teams of three and enter the Target Shooting Business House Challenge to be held on Friday 17 April at 6.30pm (poster attached).  This is a WSRA fundraiser with the proceeds coming back to Wellington shooters and shooting facilities.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 13 March, 7.45pm, WSRA AGM.
  • Sunday 15 March, 3pm, introduction programme.  Assistance required.  7pm, BSRC club competition commences.
  • Sunday 22 March, 3pm, introduction programme.  Assistance required.  7pm, BSRC club competition.
  • Friday 27 March, 7.30pm, sports psychology evening.  Tickets $20; door sales tickets $25.
  • Sunday 29 March, 4.30pm, training session, followed by range cleaning, and club competition session at 7pm.