Wow, I’ve just been looking at yesterday’s scoresheet.  The numbers continue to be extremely high each week, and yesterday was no exception with 35 members shooting!  This is fantastic, creating a really vibrant club atmosphere.

So how did we all do?  Inge Little was top shot on the rest with 85.0.  It was close in D Grade between the top two – Ollie Tuohy 95.4 and Luisa Kristen 95.3, and in his third week in sling and jacket new shooter Phil Cox scored a phenomenal 93.1 (a new PB for him).  Other personal best scores were shot by Ben Cox 85.2, Logan Brantley 85.0, Hannah Kennedy 81.0, Peter Kennedy 78.1 and Jack MacCormick 74.0.  There wasn’t much between the top scores in C Grade either – Stephen Thessman 95.3, Neakiry Kivi 95.2 and Neil Maddever 94.2.  Andrea Tuohy is back on form, scoring 98.5 in B Grade, Evan Little top-scored in A Grade with 99.4, and Pratik Tailor was highest in Master Grade with 100.5.  David Grain recorded the best 20-shot score this week 198.5, followed by Michael Grain 197.12 and Evan Little 197.9.

The final of the Rees Scroll trials was held yesterday morning.  While Neil Kinsey from Wellington Central had the highest score of the day, the next five best scores were shot by Brooklyn members – David Grain 394.16, Michael Grain 393.23, Evan Little 393.19, Dianne Grain 391.16 and Ross Little 390.19.  Next week the Wellington v Horowhenua match will be held at 1pm which will help determine the final rankings for the Rees Scroll match.

We have now received the targets for the closed champs competition.  This competition is between Wellington Association shooters and comprises six targets to be shot on club nights with deadlines three weeks apart.  While the deadline for Round 1 isn’t until Sunday 24 May, it is best to give yourself a week or two leeway so that the deadline is met – try not to leave shooting this card until the last week in case of illness or another commitment which would result in a zero score if the deadline was missed.  The targets can be found on the table beneath the scoreboard. 

Many club members are keen to compete in the Masterton Open Champs being held this Saturday (poster attached).  For those requiring coaching, please ensure you are at the Masterton Range around 11.30am on Saturday.  If you would like to participate in these championships, and require equipment to be transported, please let me know if you haven’t already done so.  The following weekend the Wellington Central Open Champs are being held at the Royal Tiger range (poster attached).  This is highly recommended and it would be great to have as many of our club members as possible supporting a fellow Wellington club by entering this match.  Those requiring coaching should aim to shoot on either the Friday night or Saturday morning to leave enough time for the coaches to compete as well.

Good luck to those selected for the first of the Wellington representative matches of the season: Round 1 of the National District Champs (NDC) match on Thursday against Southland, and the Wellington v Horowhenua match on Sunday.  Club shooting should be able to get underway at the usual start time of 4.30pm.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 23 April, 7.30pm, NDC Round 1.  Open section: David Grain, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Evan Little, Pratik Tailor.  Composite section: Andrea Tuohy.  Junior section: Jess Fair, Ross Little, Callum Osborne.  Emergencies: Craig Fair, Stephen Thessman.  On call: Neakiry Kivi, Ollie Tuohy, Luisa Kristen.
  • Saturday 25 April, Masterton Open Champs, Masterton (poster attached).
  • Sunday 26 April, Wellington v Horowhenua, 1.00pm, 2x20 cards.  Team members to bring a plate for afternoon tea.  #1 team: Michael Grain, Pratik Tailor, David Grain, Evan Little, Dianne Grain, Ross Little, Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair.  #2 team: Andrea Tuohy, Callum Osborne.  Emergencies: Ollie Tuohy, Stephen Thessman.  On call: Erin Little, Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen.
  • Friday 1 May / Saturday 2 May, Wellington Central Open Champs (poster attached).
  • Monday 4 May, Interclub Round 1.  Further details next week.