Firstly congratulations to Stephen Thessman on winning C Grade at the Masterton Open Champs with an excellent score of 288.5, 11 points ahead of the runner-up, and also to Ollie Tuohy who continued his winning form in D Grade at Masterton (apologies for the poor photography attached).  Other Brooklyn placegetters were Neakiry Kivi (3rd C Grade) and Luisa Kristen (3rd D Grade), and Pratik Tailor shot an impressive 199.11 in the Final 10.  It was really good to have a large Brooklyn contingent travel over the hill for this match.

In club shooting this week, top shot on the rest with 96.4, Dave Wilks, moved into jacket and sling for his second card, scoring well with 85.0.  In D Grade Summer O’Dwyer continues to show a natural talent, scoring 95.3 in only her fourth week in the sling, then shooting her first-ever 20-shot card, scoring 187.3 including a phenomenal 97.2.  Well done!!  Ollie Tuohy was top D Grade shooter this week with 95.4, followed by Summer O’Dwyer 95.3 and Hamish Guthrey 92.0.  In C Grade Neil Maddever was back on form scoring 98.3, while Stephen Thessman recorded an estimated 97.1, and in B Grade Andrea Tuohy also shot extremely well with 98.4.  Dianne Grain led A Grade with 100.4, while in Master Grade Pratik Tailor showed us all what can be achieved scoring not one but two 100.9s!!  Five more 100s were shot on 20-shot cards this week (David Grain 100.8; Meredith Ackrill, Pratik Tailor and Evan Little, all 100.7, and Dianne Grain 100.3).  The best 20-shot scores were recorded by Pratik Tailor 198.16 and 198.14, followed by Evan Little 198.12 and Meredith Ackrill 198.11 – great shooting!

Round 1 of the National District Championship (NDC) was held on Thursday.  Wellington scored a clean sweep over Southland which puts them at the top of the table for Division 2.  Pratik Tailor was top shot with 298.19 and Ross Little was top junior with 197.14.  The next round is against Nelson on Thursday 14 May.

The Wellington v Horowhenua match was held yesterday with Wellington’s #1 team scoring a 70-point win over Horowhenua who finished 50 points ahead of Wellington’s #2 team.  Top shot for Wellington was Neil Kinsey from Wellington Central, followed by Pratik Tailor and Evan Little.

The closed champs targets have now been prepared and can be located on the table in front of the club results board each week.  The deadline for Round 1 is Sunday 24 May so please ensure you shoot your first card before this date.

The Wellington Central Open Champs are being held on Friday night and Saturday (poster attached).  This is highly recommended and it would be great to have as many of our club members as possible supporting this event.  If you do wish to participate and are using club equipment, please let me know by Thursday whether you will be shooting Friday night or Saturday morning.  Coaching will be available but from behind the mound rather than next to the shooter.

The interclub competition begins on 4 May.  However Brooklyn have a bye in all sections, so our first match will be on Tuesday 26 May.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 1 May / Saturday 2 May, Wellington Central Open Champs (poster attached).
  • Monday 4 May, Interclub Round 1.  Brooklyn has a bye in all sections.
  • Saturday 9 May, Rees Scroll Match, Dannevirke.  Wellington #1 team: Pratik Tailor, Michael Grain, Evan Little, David Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Ross Little, Jess Fair.  Wellington #2 team: Callum Osborne, Andrea Tuohy, Craig Fair.  Emergency: Erin Little.  On call: Ollie Tuohy.