Many thanks to those who helped out with the social shoot on Friday night.  As well as being a lot of fun, social shoots are an excellent way for the club to raise funds.  The scouts seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to have a go at shooting, and there were some very good results with two scores in the 90s and six in the 80s.

Congratulations to Thomas Kilroy and Logan Brantley who both shot new PBs this week (91.1 and 90.2 respectively).  It’s great to see the continued improvement from our newer shooters with almost all now having shot at least one score in the 90s.

Our visitors Ben, Ru, Ash and Sam all shot extremely well on the rest, with Sam highest on 87.1.  Top shots in D Grade this week were Ollie Tuohy 97.5, Summer O’Dwyer 94.1, Phil Cox 93.3, Ben Cox 93.2, and Hamish Guthrey 93.0, while seven other D Graders also scored in the 90s.  Erin Little recorded the best score in C Grade with 98.3, and Andrea Tuohy shot highest in B Grade with 97.5.  In A Grade Jess Fair was top shot with 98.4, and Michael Grain scored 99.9 in Master Grade.  Pratik Tailor’s 200.15 was the best 20-shot score this week.

Results from Round 2 of the closed champs competition are now available.  At this early stage of the competition, Brooklyn members are currently 1st and 2nd in Master Grade (Michael Grain and Pratik Tailor), 1st and 2nd in A Grade (Dianne Grain and Evan Little), 1st in C Grade (Stephen Thessman), 1st in D Grade (Ollie Tuohy), 1st and 2nd in the women’s section (Dianne Grain and Meredith Ackrill) and 1st and 3rd in the junior competition (Stephen Thessman and Ross Little).  Round 3 targets need to be shot on or before Sunday 5 July.

The Wellington v Christchurch women’s and junior matches were held on Tuesday.  The Wellington juniors shot well to finish 24 points ahead which is almost a phenomenal five points per shooter!  Unfortunately the Wellington women’s team lost by 13 inners in an extremely close competition.  Top junior was Jess Fair 98.6 and top woman was Meredith Ackrill 196.11.

Those who travelled over to Martinborough for the Wairarapa Open Champs managed to see quite a lot of Wairarapa countryside as they attempted to find alternative routes due to a number of roads being closed by flooding.  Congratulations to Ollie Tuohy on his 2nd place in D Grade with 283.7.  A really good battle between Brooklyn A Graders took place with Evan, Ross and Dianne all scoring the same on their first card, Evan and Ross scoring the same again on their second card while Dianne shot an inner higher, but Evan finished best to end up in 4th place in A Grade, three inners ahead of Dianne and a point ahead of Ross.  The Wairarapa Open Champs was the second of the six open champs that make up the Wellington Provincial Championship (best five scores count).  The others are Wanganui, Wellington, Manawatu and Horowhenua.

Last night Brooklyn hosted Round 3 of the interclub competition.  While the C and B Grade teams suffered losses to Wellington Central and Aotea respectively, our open team had a good nine-point win against Wellington Central, and Pratik Tailor’s 200.15 gained the team a bonus point.  Brooklyn is currently 2nd in C Grade, 4th equal in B Grade, and 1st in Open Grade.  Top Brooklyn shooters in each competition in this round were Stephen Thessman 94.1, Ollie Tuohy 97.5, and Pratik Tailor 200.15.  The next round for our C Grade and Open Grade teams is Thursday 2 July.

A second-hand Anschutz 1907 rifle is available for purchase.  If you are interested, please discuss with a senior member next Sunday.

Thanks to those who have already indicated they would like to purchase a club centenary jacket.  These are very good quality jackets with many features including a hood.  If you are interested in purchasing one ($89) please let David know as soon as possible (  There may be a price reduction if the committee is successful in its current funding application.

The Wellington Open Champs are being held on Friday 10 July and Saturday 11 July.  It would be great to have as many of our members as possible compete in these champs to support our own association.  Coaching will be available Friday night and Saturday morning.  In addition, Brooklyn are rostered to run the champs on the Saturday from 10am until 1pm.  We will need a large number of members to help out with this, covering tasks such as target preparation and changing, marking, check marking, score recording, and range officering as well as coaching our newer members.  A club roster will be drawn up in the next week or so, but rather than wait to be asked, please let me know if you have a preference to do a specific task for a one-hour time slot.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 22 June, Interassociation C Grade.  Team 1: Ollie Tuohy, Stephen Thessman.  Team 2: Neakiry Kivi, Erin Little, Ben Cox.  On call: Phil Cox, Rhys Mountain, Matthew Canlas.
  • Thursday 25 June, NDC Round 4, 7.30pm.  Open team: Meredith Ackrill, David Grain, Dianne Grain, Michael Grain, Evan Little, Pratik Tailor.  Composite team: Andrea Tuohy.  Junior team: Ross Little, Jess Fair.  Emergencies: Callum Osborne, Ollie Tuohy.  On call: Neakiry Kivi.
  • Saturday 27 June, Wanganui Open Champs, Okoia Range, Wanganui (see poster attached).
  • Tuesday 30 June, Interassociation Juniors.  Team 1: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Stephen Thessman, Callum Osborne.  Team 2: Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen, Summer O’Dwyer, Erin Little, Ben Cox.  Emergencies: Georgia Karantze, Matthew Canlas.
  • Thursday 2 July, Interclub Round 4.  Open and C Grade – teams to be named next Monday.
  • Sunday 5 July, Triple SSS Round 2 deadline.
  • Sunday 5 July, Closed Champs Round 3 deadline.