New PBs this week were shot by Ben Cox 97.4, Nicoli Yamog 94.3 and Logan Brantley 91.3.  Well done to all of you – fantastic shooting!  The top 20-shot score of 199.15 was recorded by Pratik Tailor, while Michael Grain was only three inners behind on 199.12, and David Grain a point lower on 198.10.  All three recorded 100s on one of their cards (100.8, 100.7 and 100.6 respectively).  It was also extremely close in the 10-shot competition in Master Grade with all four scoring 99s (Pratik Tailor 99.6, Meredith Ackrill and Michael Grain 99.5 and David Grain 99.4).  In A Grade the highest score was shot by Dianne Grain (99.7 twice), and in B Grade Callum Osborne’s 97.5 was best followed by Andrea Tuohy’s 96.2.  In C Grade Neil Maddever was highest with 96.4 followed by Stephen Thessman 95.3 and Neakiry Kivi 95.2.  The top shots in D Grade this week were Ben Cox 97.4, Dave Wilks 96.5, Ollie Tuohy 95.2 and Nicoli Yamog 94.3.

Congratulations to Ollie Tuohy who scored highest in Team #1 in the Interassociation C Grade match held on Tuesday.  Full results from all associations will be available at the end of the season.

In Round 4 of the NDC competition on Thursday, Wellington scored a win against Taranaki to move back to the top of Division 2.  Top shot was Pratik Tailor with 297.17, and Ross Little was the highest junior with 194.11.  The final round is being held on Thursday 16 July against Wanganui.

Four Brooklyn shooters travelled to Wanganui for the Wanganui open champs this weekend.  Meredith Ackrill’s 296.19 gained her a place in the Final 10, while Jess Fair also shot exceptionally well, scoring 295.13 in A Grade.

Thanks to those who have indicated they are available to help at the Wellington Open Champs on Saturday 11 July.  We still need more helpers from 10am to 1pm, so please let me know if you can assist for an hour during this time.  Tasks include target preparation and changing, marking and check marking, score recording, range officering and coaching.  For those wishing to shoot, coaching will be available Friday night and Saturday morning.  It would be great to have as many members as possible shoot in these champs.

A second-hand Anschutz 1907 rifle is available for purchase.  If you are interested, please discuss with a senior member next Sunday.

If you are interested in purchasing a club centenary jacket ($89) please let David know as soon as possible (  These are very good quality jackets with many features including a hood.  There may be a price reduction if the committee is successful in its current funding application.

Please remember that you should be recording all your competition scores, representative scores, open champs, closed champs, Triple S and interclub scores on the grading spreadsheet emailed our earlier this season.  If you have any difficulty, please discuss with a senior member.  This spreadsheet determines your grade for the following season, and needs to be completed by every shooter each year.

Brooklyn are rostered for cleaning duties next month.  This will be undertaken between the two sessions on Sunday 19 July.  

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 30 June, Interassociation Juniors.  Team 1: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Stephen Thessman, Callum Osborne.  Team 2: Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen, Summer O’Dwyer, Erin Little, Ben Cox.  Emergencies: Georgia Karantze, Matthew Canlas.
  • Thursday 2 July, Interclub Round 4.  C Grade v South Wellington (7.45pm, 1x10): Ollie Tuohy, Stephen Thessman (captain), Erin Little, Summer O’Dwyer.  Open Grade v Melrose (8.45pm, 1x20): Pratik Tailor, Michael Grain, Meredith Ackrill, David Grain (captain).  Team manager: Dianne Grain.
  • Sunday 5 July, Triple SSS Round 2 deadline.
  • Sunday 5 July, Closed Champs Round 3 deadline.
  • Friday 10 July / Saturday 11 July, Wellington Open Champs (assistance required 10am to 1pm).