Thanks to everyone who helped with our rostered cleaning duties this week.  With so many pitching in, the task was accomplished very quickly with excellent results.

Michael Grain scored highest in the 20-shot competition yesterday with 198.12 including 100.8, beating dad David by a mere inner.  However David was top shot in Master Grade with 100.6.  And to keep it in the family, in A Grade Dianne Grain had the best score of 100.8, followed closely by Evan Little with 100.5.  Craig Fair shot an excellent 97.5 in B Grade, and it was great to see Mark Riley shooting again, following his accident a few months ago, and scoring so well with 97.2 and 96.3.  Erin Little shot the best C Grade 10-shot score last night of 96.2 while Neakiry Kivi was a point behind on 95.4.  And in D Grade the top five shooters this week were Summer O’Dwyer 96.4, Jamie Yee 94.3, Dave Wilks 94.3, Luisa Kristen 94.2 and Ben Cox 93.2, while another five also scored in the 90s.

The Wellington team recorded a win in the final round of the NDC competition, before moving onto the semi-finals, and of course the finals!  We finished at the top of the Division 2 table on equal points with Taranaki but in 1st position, having beaten them in the rounds.  Wellington now face fourth-placed Southland in the semi-finals on Thursday 6 August.  Our junior section, comprising Ross Little, Jess Fair and Summer O’Dwyer, scored a phenomenal 588.23 – the best score across all associations nationwide.  In her first NDC competition, Summer O’Dwyer scored a new PB of 99.3, followed by another new PB of 99.4!  Fantastic shooting!  Congratulations to Summer and Jess for their mentions in the Division 2 top scores section.

Congratulations to the following Brooklyn shooters on being named in North Island teams to compete against the South Island in mid-August: Open team: Pratik Tailor, Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little (emergency), Michael Grain (on call); Women’s team: Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair, Dianne Grain; Junior team: Jess Fair, Ross Little, Stephen Thessman (on call).

Round 2 scores from the Triple S competition are now available on the website (  Callum Osborne is 6th overall and 2nd in B Grade and Stephen Thessman is 6th in C Grade.  In D Grade Ben Cox is 4th, Summer O’Dwyer 5th and Luisa Kristen 7th.  And in the teams event, Wellington College are in 4th place, two points ahead of Marsden.

Results from the latest round of the closed champs competition were emailed last week.  Michael Grain continues his fine form, scoring his 3rd 100 in this competition to lead Master Grade, two points ahead of Pratik Tailor.  It’s extremely close at the top of A Grade between Dianne Grain and Evan Little with only three inners separating them.  Andrea Tuohy is our best shooter at this stage in B Grade, currently in 9th position.  Stephen Thessman is 2nd in C Grade, a point behind the leader.  And in D Grade Ollie Tuohy leads, followed by Summer O’Dwyer.  Dianne Grain leads the women’s competition, a point ahead of Meredith Ackrill, and Jess Fair and Stephen Thessman are currently 2nd and 3rd in the junior section.  The deadline for Round 4 targets is next Sunday.

Five Brooklyn members travelled to Palmerston North for the Manawatu open champs on Saturday.  Our team of Meredith Ackrill, David Grain and Michael Grain finished in 4th place – well done!

Jess did a fantastic job yesterday, finding out from each club member present their preferred time to shoot and help out on Saturday at our club’s centenary open champs event.  Please let me know if you weren’t at the club yesterday but will be shooting on Saturday and using club equipment.  This is a great opportunity to have a go at an open champs, to support our club and celebrate this huge milestone, to join in with fellow club members to run this event and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie that usually accompanies such competitions.  A lot of effort has gone into organising this event, so please come along and take part.  It’s all good fun.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 22 July, Interassociation B Grade, 8.15pm.  Team 2: Andrea Tuohy, Callum Osborne, Ollie Tuohy.  Emergency: Summer O’Dwyer.  On call: Stephen Thessman, Craig Fair.  Team manager: David Grain.
  • Saturday 25 July, Brooklyn Centenary Open Champs, 10am.
  • Sunday 26 July, Eley Challenge secondary schools match, 2x10, shot at club.
  • Sunday 26 July, Round 4 closed champs deadline.
  • Tuesday 28 July, Interassociation Women’s match, 8.15pm.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Jess Fair.  Emergency: Andrea Tuohy.  On call: Summer O’Dwyer, Erin Little.  Team manager: David Grain.
  • Wednesday 29 July, Interclub, C and B Grades.  Team to be named this week.