The WSRA AGM is being held this Friday at 7.45pm at the range.  We are all members of the Wellington Association and we all have a say in how the association is run – the AGM is your opportunity to voice any ideas you may wish to put forward.  Please remember that the association and the club are run by volunteers who put in many hours of time and effort.  Your support and assistance on club days and at association events is much appreciated, and by becoming more involved, you get a lot more enjoyment from the sport.

There was another great turnout to shooting yesterday, with 40 shooters along with many helpers.  Thanks to the large number who helped with our range cleaning duties – many hands made light work again with the task completed quickly.  If you weren’t able to help out yesterday, hopefully you’ll be able to do so when we do it all again in a couple of weeks’ time.

Many of those in the introductory programme once again showed great improvement over their previous weeks, with 17 scores in the 80s and 7 in the 90s.  Top shots were Sarah Williamson 92.2, Yiannis Fam 92.1, and Bella Gauld 90.2.  Ex-member Mark Robinson had a go on the rest and showed he hadn’t lost his skill, scoring 90.1 and 95.0.

Top shot in the evening session was Meredith Ackrill with 98.2 followed by Callum Osborne on 97.4.  Mark Riley scored highest in C Grade with 95.3, and it was extremely close in D Grade with three scores being within a point of each other (Rhys Mountain 91.2, Matthew Canlas 91.1 and Jack MacCormick 90.1).

Many thanks to those who have paid their subs.  If you are unsure how much you should be paying, please let me know.  The 2016 fees are as follows, and can be paid at the club or direct into the club’s bank account 38-9005-0731057-01 using your name as a reference.

  Senior A Senior B Junior A** Junior B** College
BSRC subs including   WSRA and TSNZ affiliation fees* $295 $180 $265 $150 $265
Closed   champs $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Coaching***         $25
Triple   SSS champs         $10
  $305 $190 $275 $160 $310
Nightly   range fees $0 $6/night $0 $6/night $0
Ammunition $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500
Marksmen’s   badges $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge

*     For adult family members living in the same household, second affiliation fee is discounted by $25. Please ignore TSNZ affiliation fee if paid already through outdoor summer shooting.

**     Junior A and B subs relate to those aged under 21 as at 31 December, but who have left college.

***   The “coaching” fee goes towards partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by coaches and organisers in attending secondary school shooting competitions. 

The introductory programme finishes next Sunday, with those selected for club membership beginning the following week.  The club competition will begin next Sunday – evening session only for the first week due to the introductory programme filling the afternoon squads.  We will revert to the usual 4.30pm coached session and 7.00pm uncoached session from Sunday 27 March.

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