A big congratulations to Roberta Wadsworth and Lee Harris on their wedding in Blenheim on Saturday.  Sources tell me it was a great day that went really well.  Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Yesterday marked the last day of the four-week introduction to shooting programme, and the first week of the club competition.  The four-week programme is definitely a great way for new shooters to get to understand the sport better and for coaches to get to know the shooters better.  The club will now be inviting 12 from the programme to join the club, and move into slings over the next 3-4 weeks.  Many thanks once again to the large number of members who have come along to help run the programme each week, and to provide valuable input into the selection of our new members.

There was some absolutely phenomenal shooting by those in the programme yesterday with five scores in the 90s – Wiko du Toit 98.2, Bella Gauld 97.1and 93.0, Oscar Robinson 91.1 and Yiannis Fam 90.3.  With scores like those off the rest, I’m sure these shooters will go far in this sport.  As well, another 12 scores were recorded in the 80s.

D Grade has started very competitively with only a couple of points separating the shooters.  Top shots were Jack MacCormick 90.1, Nicoli Yamog 88.1 and Leilani Fam 88.0, and new member Inge Little also recorded 90.1 off the rest.  It was also extremely close in C Grade with only inners separating the top three – Ollie Tuohy 96.5, Hamish Guthrey 96.2 and Mark Riley 96.2, while Luisa Kristen 95.3 and Erin Little 95.2 were only a point behind.  The trend continued in B Grade – Andrea Tuohy shot the best card of 97.3 while Callum Osborne recorded 97.1, and in the higher grades Dianne Grain shot highest with 99.6, and Meredith Ackill recorded the best 20-shot score of 197.13.

Thanks to those who helped with the social shoot on Saturday.  Unfortunately shooter numbers were much lower than expected – however the level of shooting was high, with scores of 88.0, 87.1 and 85.1 and the remainder in the 70s.

A big ooops – we weren’t actually on range cleaning duties this month, I’d carried that over from last year’s calendar accidentally.  So many thanks to those who did help with the cleaning last week, I’m sure South Wellington club will be very appreciative of our efforts during their rostered month.  But the good news is we won’t need to clean this Sunday after all!

You should have received information from our new selector, Evan, regarding Teams of Ten (Rees Scroll) and NDC – both extremely good competitions on our shooting calendar.  If you’re able to scope yourself and make your own sight adjustments, put your name forward and give it a go!

Subs are now due, and prompt payment would be appreciated.  If you are unsure how much you should be paying, please let me know.  The 2016 fees are as follows, and can be paid at the club or direct into the club’s bank account 38-9005-0731057-01 using your name as a reference.

  Senior A Senior B Junior A** Junior B** College
BSRC subs including   WSRA and TSNZ affiliation fees* $295 $180 $265 $150 $265
Closed   champs $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Coaching***         $25
Triple   SSS champs         $10
  $305 $190 $275 $160 $310
Nightly   range fees $0 $6/night $0 $6/night $0
Ammunition $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500
Marksmen’s   badges $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge $9/badge

*       For adult family members living in the same household, second affiliation fee is discounted by $25.
Please ignore TSNZ affiliation fee if paid already through outdoor summer shooting.

**     Junior A and B subs relate to those aged under 21 as at 31 December, but who have left college.

***   The “coaching” fee goes towards partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by coaches and organisers in attending secondary school shooting competitions.

Next week we’ll revert to the usual 4.30pm coached session and 7.00pm uncoached session.

Upcoming events:

  • Sunday 27 March, usual 4.30pm and 7pm sessions commence.
  • Saturday 9 April, Colyton Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Sunday 10 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20.