Starting with the 20-shot competition this week Meredith Ackrill, David Grain and Dianne Grain all top scored equally with 196.10.  The best 10-shot score in Master Grade was 100.4 from Pratik Tailor.  Dianne Grain also scored 100.4 to be highest in A Grade.  Summer O’Dwyer shot best in B Grade with 98.2, and Luisa Kristen had a great night in C Grade, scoring 96.4.  The top four D Graders this week were Georgia Karantze with a very impressive 97.5 (a new PB), Yiannis Fam 95.3 (also a new PB), Amalamo Simi 94.1 and Wiko du Toit 94.0.

Wellington scored a clean sweep in Round 3 of the NDC competition on Thursday, gaining 14 points against Wanganui’s 0 points.  This moves Wellington from 5th position in Division 2 to top equal spot with Eastern Force, who we face in Round 4.  Pratik Tailor was top shot for Wellington, and top Division 2 shooter in this round, with 299.23 including a 200.17 which gave Wellington an extra bonus point.  Summer O’Dwyer continues to shoot extremely well in this competition, once again being top Wellington junior and named in the top three Division 2 juniors.

Congratulations to Meredith Ackrill on winning the “Top Lady” trophy at the Hutt Valley Open Champs.  Also to Pratik Tailor on his 100.10, as well as 99.6 and 100.8, to give a very good total of 299.24 – the standard of shooting was incredibly high and with three 300s shot, Pratik’s score placed him 4th in Master Grade.  Inge Little scored a new PB, once again as part of an open champs, shooting 97.2.

The results from Round 1 of the Triple S secondary schools competition will be available later this week.  The deadline for Round 2 targets is 10 July.

Senior markers are invited to attend the first WSRA target marking course on Friday 24 June – other courses will follow on Sunday 3 July, Friday 8 July and Friday 29 July for anyone else wishing to gain their target marking certificate.  Please register for your preferred session by emailing Sue Bowen at

A reminder for everyone to sign the daily range register each week.

Brooklyn is hosting interclub on Sunday 19 June.  The C Grade match (1x10) begins at 7.45pm, the B Grade match (1x10) at 8.15pm, and the Open Grade match (1x20) at 8.45pm.  There will be squads for club shooting before, between and after the interclub squads.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 14 June, Wellington v Christchurch juniors, 7.45pm, 1x10.  Team #1: Ross Little, Jess Fair, Summer O’Dwyer, Wiko du Toit, Erin Little.  Team #2: Luisa Kristen, Sarah May, Amalamo Simi, Neakiry Kivi.
  • Tuesday 14 June, Wellington v Christchurch and Manawatu women, 8.15pm, 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Jess Fair, Summer O’Dwyer.  Emergency: Erin Little.  On call: Luisa Kristen, Sarah May.
  • Saturday 18 June, Southern Hawkes Bay Open Champs, Dannevirke.
  • Sunday 19 June, Interclub Round 3.  C Grade, 7.45pm, 1x10: Mark Riley, Georgia Karantze, Wiko du Toit, Luisa Kristen (captain).  B Grade, 8.15pm, 1x10: Summer O’Dwyer, Craig Fair (captain), Callum Osborne, Mark Riley.  Open Grade, 8.45pm, 1x20: Pratik Tailor, Beckz Gibbs, Meredith Ackrill, David Grain (captain).
  • Monday 20 June, C Grade Interassociation rep match, 8.00pm, 2x20.  Team: TBC.
  • Saturday 25 June, Wairarapa Open Champs, Martinborough.
  • Sunday 26 June, 5.45pm, cleaning session.