Congratulations to Craig Fair on shooting his first 100 of the season.  Also congratulations to Leilani Fam on her new 10-shot PB of 96.3 and Wiko du Toit on his new 20-shot PB of 192.9.  It was good to see a number of 100s shot this week (Meredith Ackrill, Pratik Tailor x 3!! including 100.10, David Grain, and Craig Fair).

The top five shooters in D Grade this week were Georgia Karantze 96.4, Leilani Fam 96.3, Amalamo Simi 96.1 (on a new rifle), Oscar Robinson 93.2 and Inge Little 93.1.  Mark Riley’s 98.5 was easily top C Grade score this week.  In B Grade Summer O’Dwyer also moved to a new rifle and continued her good scores with 98.5.  David Grain was clearly top A Grader this week with 99.6, and Pratik Tailor was best in Master Grade with two 100.8s.  There were many good 20-shot scores shot – Pratik led the way with 199.17 while Meredith Ackrill was only a point behind on 198.7.

Three wins to our club from three interclub matches on Monday – well done to all team members!  Our C Grade team continue to improve in each round, scoring 379.12 against Wellington Central’s 374.12.  Top Brooklyn shooter was Georgia Karantze with 97.2 with Wiko du Toit next best with 96.3, only an inner below his PB.  In the B Grade match, Brooklyn scored 385.15 to finish 8 points ahead of South Wellington.  Summer O’Dwyer shot best for Brooklyn with 98.6 followed by Mark Riley with 97.3.  Pratik Tailor scored bonus points for our open grade team with 200.14, challenged for top spot by Michael Grain on 199.12.  The team had a reasonably easy win in this round, scoring 787.42 against Wellington Central’s 773.33.

The women’s interassociation match was held on Wednesday.  The team shot well, recording one of their better scores from recent years.  Meredith Ackrill was top shot for Wellington with a very tidy 198.13.  Full results will be available in September.

Round 4 results from the closed champs competition are now available.  It was great to see that almost all our club members who shot in this round either stayed in the same position or moved up the rankings in their grade.  Meredith Ackrill remains in 2nd place in Master Grade.  The top three in the A Grade competition are Brooklyn members (Dianne Grain, David Grain and Jess Fair).  Summer O’Dwyer continues to lead B Grade.  Mark Riley moved up two spots to 3rd position in C Grade, now only three points behind the leader.  Georgia Karantze and Wiko du Toit are still ahead in D Grade, increasing their lead by another point.  Dianne and Meredith have switched places in the women’s competition, with Summer in 3rd place.  And Summer has extended her lead in the junior competition to be four points ahead.  The deadline for Round 5 targets is Sunday 14 August.

The indoor National Champs are being held at various ranges around the country on Sunday, including the Royal Tiger range.  Club shooting will commence after the last squad of the nationals.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 2 August, 8pm, 2x10, Interassociation Junior match.  Team #1: Jess Fair, Summer O’Dwyer, Ross Little, Georgia Karantze.  Team #2: Wiko du Toit, Neakiry Kivi, Luisa Kristen, Amalamo Simi, Erin Little.  Emergencies: Sarah May, Matthew Canlas.  On call: George Egerton.
  • Saturday 6 August, 7pm, 2x10, Triangular B Grade, Juniors and Women matches, Keene Range, Petone.  B Grade: Summer O’Dwyer, Mark Riley, Craig Fair, emergency: Georgia Karantze, on call: Neakiry Kivi, Amalamo Simi.  Women: Jess Fair, Summer O’Dwyer, emergency: Georgia Karantze, on call: Neakiry Kivi, Erin Little. Juniors: Jess Fair, Summer O’Dwyer, Ross Little, Georgia Karantze, emergencies: Wiko du Toit, Neakiry Kivi, on call: Amalamo Simi, Erin Little.
  • Sunday 7 August, 1pm, National Indoor Champs.
  • Sunday 7 August, deadline for Round 3 Triple S targets.
  • Monday 8 August, 8pm, 2x10, Interassociation D Grade match.  Team #1: Wiko du Toit.  Team #2: Amalamo Simi, Sarah May, Inge Little, Oscar Robinson, Rhys Mountain.  Emergencies: Mila Ballara.  On call: Matthew Canlas.
  • Thursday 11 August, 7.30pm, NDC Semi-finals.  Team TBC.
  • Sunday 14 August, 2pm, Keene Range, Petone, intercollegiate match.  Marsden team: Summer O’Dwyer, Georgia Karantze, Luisa Kristen, Neakiry Kivi, Leilani Fam, Shambhavi Choudhury.  On call: Mila Ballara, Georgia Beatson.  Wellington College team: Wiko du Toit, Amalamo Simi, Oscar Robinson, Ben Cox, Rhys Mountain, Jack MacCormick.  On call: Matthew Canlas, Yiannis Fam.