Brooklyn have won all three segments of the interclub competition.  The B Grade and C Grade competitions were won by just two points each which were scored from bonus points shot by Summer O’Dwyer in Round 3 and Wiko du Toit in Round 6.  Brooklyn won each match in the Open Grade competition and also scored bonus points from Pratik Tailor’s 200 in Round 5.  Thanks to everyone who took part in interclub throughout the season.  Brooklyn will now compete on Friday 16 September against the three winning teams in the Hutt Valley interclub competition.

Congratulations to Meredith Ackrill on being selected for the New Zealand Open team and the New Zealand Women’s team, and also to Ross Little on his selection to the New Zealand junior team.  The North Island open team won their match against the South Island but only 8 points separated the two teams (out of a possible 8000).  The North Island women’s and junior teams also had close matches but the South Island proved too strong, winning by 6 points and 4 points respectively.  Meredith Ackrill was top shot for the North Island women’s team, scoring 397.23.

It was great to see so many shooters have a go at a 20-shot target this week.  The top score in the 20-shot competition was recorded by Pratik Tailor 197.11 followed by Dianne Grain 196.9.  David Grain started a bit rough on his 20 but finished strongly with 100.9 on the second card.  Best shot in the higher grades was Evan Little with 100.7.  Summer O’Dwyer top-scored in B Grade with 96.5, and Greg Mason’s 97.4 was best in C Grade.  The top four shooters in D Grade were Oscar Robinson with a new PB of 98.4, Inge Little 95.2, Yiannis Fam 94.3 and Amalamo Simi 94.2, while Wiko du Toit did best in the 20-shot competition with 192.7 closely followed by Georgia Karantze on 191.8.  Seven D Graders also achieved 20-shot scores in the 180s.

The Titipounamu match was held on Tuesday.  Titipounamu means “rifleman”.  This is a match for A Grade shooters and below from around the country and comprises a 10-shot and a 20-shot card.  Top shot for Wellington was Dianne Grain with 294.15.  This year the Wellington team score was a little lower than in previous years – full results will be available next month.

Results from Round 5 of the closed champs competition have been distributed.  Meredith Ackrill remains in 2nd place in Master Grade, the top three places in A Grade are currently held by Brooklyn shooters (Dianne Grain, David Grain, Jess Fair), and Summer O’Dwyer continues to lead B Grade.  Mark Riley moves up to 2nd position in C Grade, and Georgia Karantze and Wiko du Toit are leading D Grade.  Brooklyn shooters also currently hold the top three places in the women’s competition (Dianne Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Summer O’Dwyer), as well as the top three places in the junior competition (Summer O’Dwyer, Georgia Karantze, Jess Fair).  The deadline for the final round is Sunday 4 September.

Probably the most exciting events for club shooting are the Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches, which are being held concurrently on Saturday 3 September.  The Osmond Shield teams are made up of eight shooters from each club, four of whom must be B Grade or lower, while the Wright Cup match comprises teams of six shooters graded C and D Grade.  All scores count in the Osmond Shield match and the best five count in the Wright Cup match.  One shooter per team shoots on each squad, and teams should be in as close to seeded order as possible.  Brooklyn will be entering two teams in each of these matches and team lists will be emailed later this week.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 22 August, Teams of Five match, 8pm, 2x20. Team #1: Summer O’Dwyer, Wiko du Toit.  Team #2: Craig Fair.  Emergencies: Mark Riley, Georgia Karantze.  On call: Amalamo Simi.
  • Saturday 27 August, Open Triangular match, 2pm, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: Evan Little, Summer O’Dwyer, Ross Little, Jess Fair, Craig Fair.  Emergencies: Wiko du Toit.  On call: Georgia Karantze, Mark Riley.
  • Sunday 28 August, 2pm, Royal Tiger Range, Newtown, intercollegiate match.  Marsden team: Summer O’Dwyer, Georgia Karantze, Luisa Kristen, Neakiry Kivi, Leilani Fam, Shambhavi Choudhury.  Wellington College team: Wiko du Toit, Amalamo Simi, Oscar Robinson, Ben Cox, Rhys Mountain, Jack MacCormick.
  • Saturday 3 September, 7.30pm, Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches.  Teams TBC later this week.