Brooklyn were successful in winning both the Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches on Saturday night, something it has not achieved for a few years.  In the Wright Cup match, our #1 team scored the best team result since the introduction of the new targets in 2012, while our #2 team were a mere inner away from the runner-up position.  Top shot for Brooklyn was Oscar Robinson with 98.2.  The Osmond Shield match was fiercely contested between our two Brooklyn teams, with the lead being held by #2 for the first half of the match, and both teams finishing with the same score.  Team #1 won the event by a mere six inners ahead of Team #2, while Wellington Central were nine points lower.  As in the Wright Cup match, our #1 team scored the best team result since the new targets were introduced.  Top shot was Ross Little with 100.8.   It was a great evening, with lots of team spirit and support.

The Wellington secondary schools team finished 2nd in the triangular secondary schools match held yesterday.  Hutt Valley were the winners, while Manawatu finished in 3rd place.  Congratulations to Georgia Karantze on shooting the best score in the competition – 197.11.

In club shooting this week, the top five D Graders were Georgia Karantze 98.6, Wiko du Toit 95.3, Inge Little 95.3, Daniel Mackey 94.3 and Oscar Robinson 94.2.  Mark Riley was well ahead in C Grade with a fantastic 99.3, and Summer O’Dwyer’s 99.8 was best in B Grade.  Top shot in A Grade was Dianne Grain with 98.7 and Meredith Ackrill shot best in Master Grade with 98.5.  It was great to see the large number of 20-shot cards shot this week (22).  Meredith Ackrill recorded the best score of 198.12 followed by Evan Little on 197.8.  In the lower grades Wiko du Toit’s 194.8 was best while new PBs were recorded by Oscar Robinson 192.9 and Mila Ballara 184.4.

The final rounds of the Triple S secondary schools match and the Wellington Closed Champs have now been shot, with results expected later this week.

Only four weeks remain in the club competition so it’s definitely time to get your grading returns up to date.  Remember to record all competition cards shot ­between 1 April and 30 September – this includes club competition, interclub, representative shooting, closed champs, and college matches.  Just record the whole numbers, not the inners.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 7 September, 8.00pm, Wellington v Hertfordshire, 1x10 NZ + 1x10 UK.  Team: David Grain, Summer O’Dwyer, Evan Little, Craig Fair, Ross Little, Georgia Karantze, Wiko du Toit.  On call: Mark Riley, Amalamo Simi, Erin Little, Sarah May, Inge Little.
  • Saturday 10 September, 2.00pm, Wellington v Hutt Open, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: David Grain, Meredith Ackrill, Summer O’Dwyer, Evan Little, Craig Fair.  Emergency: Jess Fair.  On call: Ross Little.
  • Saturday 10 September, 2.00pm, Wellington v Hutt Women, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Summer O’Dwyer, Jess Fair.  On call: Erin Little, Inge Little, Neakiry Kivi.
  • Sunday 11 September, 7.30pm, Wellington v Waikato D Grade, 2x10.  Team TBC.