Sunday became Funday at the club yesterday with two chokky fish competitions: pairs best shot award went to Oscar Robinson and Aiden d’Souza, two inners ahead of Anna and Will Palmer; and a 90-second shoot which most managed to finish, and many scored very well.  Thanks for all the great ideas for more fun shoots in our gap weeks.

Ethan Haigh and Will Palmer both recorded new PBs this week (93.1 and 92.3 respectively).

Many took the opportunity in the gap week to set up new equipment or to tweak current settings.  Thanks to our senior members for their help with this.  The top five in D Grade this week were Anna 97.2, Matthew Canlas 93.2, Amy Nathanson 93.1, Will Palmer 92.3, and Richard Palmer 90.0.  Oscar Robinson headed up C Grade with 98.5 followed by Inge Little using her new rifle with 95.4, and Iain Mackay on 95.2.  The best score in B Grade was shot by Mark Riley 96.3 ahead of Craig Fair with 95.4.  And Meredith Ackrill shot best in the higher grades with 98.2.  The 20-shot competition was very tight with only a point separating the top three (Dianne Grain  196.8, Meredith Ackrill and Mark Riley both with 195.8).

Congratulations to Meredith Ackrill on being selected for both the North Island Open team and the North Island Women’s team to compete against the South Island in mid-August.

Results from Round 2 of the Triple S competition for secondary school students are now available.  Oscar Robinson has a one-point lead overall and in C Grade with 197.10, Georgia Karantze is in 3rd position in B Grade with 190.5, and Matthew Canlas moves up to 5th position in D Grade with 186.5.  In the teams competition Wellington College are in 4th place while Samuel Marsden have slipped a few places to 7th.  The deadline for Round 3 targets is Sunday 6 August.

A huge thank you to the 23 members who assisted with running the Wellington Open Champs on Saturday.  Being involved definitely helps get to know fellow members better and creates a great sense of camaraderie, something our club prides itself on.  It was also fantastic to see our club members being presented with a number of prizes and trophies, as follows:

  • Ethan Haigh – 1st Tyro Grade 179.1
  • Amy Nathanson – 2nd Tyro Grade 173.2
  • Anna – 3rd in D Grade 283.6 and won Simon Grant Memorial Trophy for Top Wellington D Grade shooter
  • Erin Little – 3rd in C Grade 289.11 and won Simon Grant Memorial Trophy for Top Wellington C Grade shooter
  • Oscar Robinson – 4th in C Grade 288.9
  • Evan Little – 4th in A Grade 295.16 and won Simon Grant Memorial Trophy for Top Wellington A Grade shooter
  • Pratik Tailor – 1st in Master Grade 300.23, won Simon Grant Memorial Trophy for Top Wellington Master Grade shooter, and awarded WSRA pocket for a 300 shot at Wellington Open Champs.

We are hosting Round 5 of the interclub competition on Sunday 30 July, which involves C Grade and Open Grade, both against Wellington Central (all B Grade teams have a bye in this round).  Teams will be named next Monday.

Upcoming events:

  • July, TSNZ Challenge for secondary schools.  Wellington College #1: Oscar Robinson, Wiko du Toit, Amalamo Simi.  Wellington College #2: Casey Israelson, Matthew Canlas, Jack MacCormick.  Marsden #1: Georgia Karantze, Luisa Kristen, Qiyun Goh.  Marsden #2: Leilani Fam, Amy Nathanson, Georgia Beatson.
  • Thursday 20 July, 7.30pm, Round 5 NDC.  Open team: David Grain, Dianne Grain, Evan Little, Mark Riley.  Composite team: Pratik Tailor.  Junior team: Erin Little, Summer O’Dwyer, Oscar Robinson.  Emergency: Craig Fair.
  • Saturday 22 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Sunday 23 July, Round 4 closed champs deadline.
  • Wednesday 26 July, Interassociation Women’s match, 8.15pm, 1x20.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain.  Emergency: Erin Little.
  • Sunday 30 July, Round 5 interclub, C Grade and Open Grade.