Wow, what a busy day at the club yesterday – 41 shooters!  Thanks to everyone for quickly getting organised for club shooting following the afternoon college match.

The highlight this week has to be the local intercollegiate match.  Wellington College went into Round 2 an inner behind Onslow, improved on their last round score and won the event by 2 points in a very close finish that could have gone to either team.  Top shot overall was Oscar Robinson who scored a very impressive 99.6 in the second round to take the top individual award by an inner ahead of Onslow’s Katja Holgate.  Marsden finished in 5th place behind Taita and Upper Hutt College.  Top shooter for Marsden was first-year shooter Amy Nathanson with 188.2 – well done Amy!  The Wellington secondary schools team, being the top 12 shooters available from this match, will compete next Sunday against other regions.  Brooklyn shooters involved are Casey Israelson, Amy Nathanson, Amalamo Simi, Georgia Beatson and Georgia Karantze.

Congratulations to Yiannis Fam on gaining a scholarship to study maths at Cambridge University.  A huge achievement, and we we wish you all the very best, Yiannis.

New 20-shot PBs were recorded yesterday by Ethan Haigh 185.4, Matthew Canlas 185.3, Melchior Meares 182.2, Aiden D’Souza 182.2 and Emily Lockery 178.4.  Pratik Tailor was again on form, scoring 200.14 and 199.12 in the 20-shot competition, followed by Evan Little who recorded a commendable 197.13.

Best on the rest this week was Jordan with 82.1, very closely followed by Sally-Ann with 81.0.  The top five D Graders were Anna 96.4, Casey Israelson 96.2, Ethan Haigh 92.3, Connor Smith 92.1 and Jack MacCormick 91.3.  Oscar Robinson scored best in C Grade with 98.6 followed by Hamish Guthrey on 96.5 and Inge Little with 96.4.  In B Grade Craig Fair scored highest with 98.2, and Evan Little finished ahead of Summer O’Dwyer in A Grade by two inners (98.3 and 98.1 respectively).  Pratik Tailor was top shot in Master Grade with 99.6.

The Teams of Five match was shot on Tuesday night.  This is a tough match, comprising 2x20 shot targets, for B Graders and below.  The Wellington #1 team scored well, while the #2 team achieved a similar result to previous years.  Top Brooklyn shooter was Craig Fair with 384.12.

On Saturday the Triangular Open Grade match was held between Wellington, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa.  Wellington improved considerably on their 2016 score, finishing in 2nd place behind Hutt Valley.  Top Brooklyn shooter was Meredith Ackrill with 290.7.

Nominations are sought for the following upcoming September representative matches (by emailing Neil Kinsey):

  • Saturday 9 September, 2pm, Wellington v Hutt Valley Open and Women, 1x10, 1x20.
  • Sunday 10 September, 7.30pm, Wellington v Waikato D Grade, 2x10.
  • Friday 15 September, 7.30pm at Keene Range, Petone, Wellington v Hutt C Grade, 2x10.
  • Thursday 28 September, 7.30pm, Wellington v Hertfordshire, 1x10 UK, 1x10 NZ.

A reminder to have a go at getting your marksmen’s badge, particularly if you look like moving up a grade next year.  Marksmen’s badge targets need to be shot by the end of September.  To achieve a D Grade badge you need to shoot a minimum of 175, and for a C Grade badge a minimum of 182.

Please ensure your grading spreadsheet is up to date as there are only four weeks left of grading season.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 31 August, 7.30pm, NDC Final v Nelson.  Open section: Craig Fair, David Grain, Dianne Grain, Mark Riley, Pratik Tailor.  Composite section: Evan Little.  Junior section: Erin Little, Oscar Robinson.
  • Saturday 2 September, 7.30pm, Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches, 1x10.
  • Sunday 3 September, deadline for Round 6 closed champs targets.
  • Sunday 3 September, deadline for Round 4 Triple S targets (20-shot).
  • Sunday 3 September, 2.00pm, regional intercollegiate match, 2x10.  Wellington team: Casey Israelson, Amy Nathanson, Amalamo Simi, Georgia Beatson.  On call (but invited to shoot): Georgia Karantze.
  • Wednesday 6 September, 8.15pm, Open Grade interclub shoot-off, 1x20.  Team TBC on Friday.
  • Saturday 9 September, 2.00pm, Wellington v Hutt Valley Open and Women’s match, 1x10, 1x20.  Team TBC.
  • Sunday 10 September, 7.30pm, Wellington v Waikato D Grade, 2x10.  Team TBC.