Once again we had a really good turnout to assist with our introductory programme – many thanks to everyone.  It’s great to see the regular attendance from so many shooters as well as current members.

The top five scores in the programme this week were recorded by Hugh Guiney 89.1, Matthew Ault 87.0, Oscar Watson 86.1, Dave Grahame 84.1 and Shibo Xu 84.0 while another three shooters also achieved scores in the 80s.  Natural point of aim was this week’s topic.

In the 20-shot competition, Meredith Ackrill recorded the highest score of 195.8.  Emily Lockery continues to shoot well in D Grade, top-scoring with 95.4.  Hamish Guthrey and Mark Riley recorded the best scores in C and B Grades respectively of 90.1 and 93.0.

There will be a slight change to this year’s competition in that targets need to be clearly marked “P” if a practice card.  If no indication of a practice target, they will be presumed to be a competition card.  In this way hopefully the club scoreboard will be more complete by the end of the season, particularly in the lower grades.

Our club AGM will be held on Sunday 22 April, prior to the commencement of the club competition.  Evan’s recommendation as Treasurer is that the club fees stay the same this season as last.  Prompt payment would be appreciated.  If you are unsure how much you should be paying, please let me know.  The fees can be paid at the club or direct into the club’s bank account 38-9005-0731057-01 using your name as a reference.  If the AGM determines that the fees should rise, those who have already paid by the AGM date will not be required to pay the increase.

Senior A Senior B Junior A** Junior B** College
BSRC subs including WSRA and TSNZ affiliation fees* $300 $185 $270 $155 $270
Closed champs $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Coaching*** $25
Triple SSS champs $10
$310 $195 $280 $165 $315
Nightly range fees $0 $6/night $0 $6/night $0
Ammunition $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500
Marksmen’s badges $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge

*       For adult family members living in the same household, second affiliation fee is discounted by $25.  Please ignore TSNZ affiliation fee if paid already through outdoor summer shooting.

**     Junior A and B subs relate to those aged under 21 as at 31 December, but who have left college.

***   The “coaching” fee goes towards partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by coaches and organisers in attending secondary school shooting competitions.

Attached is the TSNZ membership form.  Please ignore the payment method at the bottom of the page as payments are included in the BSRC fees, and the club makes one payment for all members direct to TSNZ.  Please complete the form and bring to the club or email to me.

The club competition has now commenced.  David will be finalising the scoreboard later this week, so please advise urgently if you are not returning.

Upcoming events:

  • Sunday 25 March, 6.30pm, final week of introduction programme, followed by club competition at 8.00pm.
  • Sunday 2 April, 6.30pm coached and 8.00pm non-coached sessions commence.
  • Saturday 7 April, Colyton Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Saturday 14 April, Bulls Open Champs, Palmerston North.
  • Sunday 15 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20.