Welcome to our new shooters, three of whom moved to sling and jacket yesterday with a further three making the transition each week for the next three weeks.  Many thanks to those who came along to assist with this very important process.  Each week all members will receive this “Brooklyn Shooting Update” which contains results from the previous week as well as upcoming events.  Please keep this email handy as a quick reference.

Erin Little had a phenomenal shooting night, scoring 99.6 on her first card, followed by 98.6 and 97.4.  Well done!

Meredith Ackrill was top shot in the higher grades, scoring 99.5, while David Grain scored best on the 20-shot targets with 195.7.  Many shooters in the lower grades used the evening for practice, shooting groups and working on consistency of shots.  It was great to see nearly all of those using the rest score a personal best (PB) score this week.  Top shots on the rest were Carl Whitehead 89.2, Callum Austin 87.0, Josh Whitehead 84.1 and Marin McCarthy 83.0.

As mentioned last week, the 2018 grading season is now underway.  Please record your competition scores shot each night onto your spreadsheet.  Also a reminder to write “P” on any practice target – otherwise it will be recorded as a competition score.

Thanks to all those who have paid their subs to date.  It would be appreciated if these could be paid promptly to enable the club to meet its deadline for payment of affiliation fees to the national and regional bodies.  The fees can be paid at the club or direct into the club’s bank account 38-9005-0731057-01 using your name as a reference.

Senior A Senior B Junior A** Junior B** College
BSRC subs including WSRA and TSNZ affiliation fees* $300 $185 $270 $155 $270
Closed champs $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Coaching*** $25
Triple SSS champs $10
$310 $195 $280 $165 $315
Nightly range fees $0 $6/night $0 $6/night $0
Ammunition $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500 $110/500
Marksmen’s badges $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge $10/badge

*       For adult family members living in the same household, second affiliation fee is discounted by $25.
Please ignore TSNZ affiliation fee if paid already through outdoor summer shooting.

**     Junior A and B subs relate to those aged under 21 as at 31 December, but who have left college.

***   The “coaching” fee goes towards partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred by coaches and organisers in attending secondary school shooting competitions.

The club calendar will be finalised in the next two weeks, once the WSRA Executive have determined representative and interclub dates.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday 7 April, Colyton Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Sunday 8 April, 5pm, three new shooters moving to slings and jackets; 6.30pm coached and 8.00pm non-coached sessions.  Assistance required for earlier sessions.
  • Saturday 14 April, Bulls Open Champs, Palmerston North.
  • Sunday 15 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20.
  • Sunday 15 April, 5pm, three shooters to move to slings and jackets, assistance required.
  • Saturday 21 April, Rangitikei Open Champs, Marton – on electronic targets.
  • Sunday 22 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20.
  • Sunday 22 April, 5pm, final three shooters to move to slings and jackets, assistance required.