Congratulations to the following club members on setting new personal best scores yesterday: Carl Whitehead, Callum Austin, Jack Day, Matthew Ault and Evan Strachan.

Round 1 of the interclub competition was shot last Tuesday.  The C Grade section had a bye in this round.  Our B Grade team had a good win against Aotea, finishing 17 points ahead.  Top shot was Anna Hooper with 96.5.  And in the Open Grade section, our team was also successful, finishing 18 points ahead of Melrose.  Top shot was Meredith Ackrill with 197.11.  Round 2 is being held on Monday 21 May and will involve our C Grade and B Grade teams, while our Open Grade section has a bye.  Teams will be named on Monday 14 May.  Please let me know if you are not available for selection.

Erin Little achieved the best 20-shot score this week of 195.9.  Only three inners separated our two Master Graders’ best scores this week (Meredith Ackrill 99.5 and Evan Little 99.2).  Dianne Grain shot highest in A Grade with 98.2.  Erin Little and Mark Riley tied in B Grade for top spot with 97.4, closely followed by Iain Mackay with 96.3.  Anna Hooper’s 98.3 was highest in C Grade, ahead of Inge Little on 97.4.  And in D Grade the best scores were shot by Carl Whitehead 95.4, Callum Austin 94.2, Emily Lockery 91.1, Chris Lockery 90.2 and Josh Whitehead 90.1, while another seven shooters scored in the 80s.

Three Brooklyn members entered the Wellington Central Club Open Champs on Saturday, and while none gained a top three position, both Meredith Ackrill and Emily Lockery scored very well.  Meredith was placed 7th in Master Grade with 296.16, and Emily’s 279.8 placed her 5th in D Grade.

Wellington Smallbore Rifle Association are running a target marking course on Friday 25 May at 7pm.  If you are interested in learning more about the marking procedure, and would like to attend this WSRA-funded course, please contact the WSRA Secretary, Bev Newton.

A reminder that nominations for the Interassociation Juniors and Interassociation Open teams close on Sunday 20 May.  These matches are being held on Tuesday 29 May.  To register your interest, please email Dianne Grain.

Brooklyn Club are on cleaning duties this month, which will be undertaken on Sunday 27 May between 7.30pm and 8.00pm.  Please bring buckets, mops and cleaning cloths, and an extra vacuum cleaner or two would be greatly appreciated.  The more helpers we have, the quicker the task will be accomplished.

Good luck to our club members representing Wellington in the Teams of Ten match being held in Te Puke on Saturday.

Upcoming events:

·      Saturday 12 May, 8.00am, Teams of Ten Match, Te Puke.  #1 team: Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little, David Grain, Erin Little.  #2 team: Ross Little, Mark Riley, Dianne Grain, Amalamo Simi, Inge Little.  Emergency: Wiko du Toit.

·      Thursday 17 May, 7.30pm, Round 2 NDC.  Teams named Thursday 10 May.

·      Saturday 19 May, Poroutawhao Open Champs, Poroutawhao Range, Levin.

·      Sunday 20 May, Round 1 closed champs deadline.

·      Monday 21 May, Interclub Round 2.  C Grade v Wellington Central, 7.45pm, 1x10.  B Grade v Melrose, 8.15pm, 1x10.

·      Sunday 27 May, 7.30pm, cleaning duties.