A clean sweep to Brooklyn in Round 5 of the interclub competition!  Top Brooklyn shooters in each match were Anna Hooper 94.4, Mark Riley 97.2 and Meredith Ackrill 195.10.  Only a point separated the two teams in the C Grade match, while our B Grade team had a 5-point win against Melrose, and our Open Grade team finished 4 points ahead of Wellington Central.  Congratulations to our C Grade interclub team on winning the 2018 competition (Anna Hooper, Casey Israelson, Amalamo Simi, Inge Little, Matthew Canlas and Chris Lockery).  A team of four will now compete against the Hutt Valley C Grade interclub winners on Friday 14 September.  This completes the competition for our C Grade and Open Grade teams.  The final round for our B Grade team will be shot on Thursday 16 August.

Thanks to Wiko du Toit and Craig Fair for taking over the coordination of college shooting.  Upcoming events include the TSNZ Challenge for teams of three (1x Marsden, 2x Wellington College) with targets to be shot by the end of August; the local secondary schools match for 1x Wellington College team of six, and individuals from other colleges being held in two rounds on 12 and 26 August; and a three-person team from each college to compete in the interisland secondary schools match in Rangiora at the end of September.  If you have any questions regarding college shooting, please contact Wiko or Craig.  A reminder that the deadline for Round 3 Triple S targets is next Sunday.

Evan Little scored best in the 20-shot competition this week with 197.11 followed by Meredith Ackrill with 195.10.  Meredith had the best Master Grade 10-shot score of 98.8, while David Grain’s 100.6 was highest in A Grade.  In B Grade the best score was shot by Erin Little 99.6 followed by Wiko du Toit 98.6.  Inge Little’s 93.0 was the top score in C Grade ahead of Anna Hooper with 92.2.  And in D Grade, the best scores were shot by Emily Lockery 92.2, Nathan Chamberlain 91.1, Gareth Poulter 90.3, Josh Whitehead 89.1 and Carl Whitehead 89.0.

A reminder that the National Indoor Champs are being shot at a number of venues around the country, including the Royal Tiger Range in Newtown, next Sunday afternoon.  This graded match is open for anyone to enter so come along and have a go – there’s great prize money to be won.  The match comprises 2x20 shot targets for Master, A and B Grade shooters, while C and D Graders shoot 1x10 + 1x20.  Please note the Newtown range will be open for shooting from 1pm (rather than 12 noon noted on the poster).  And being a Sunday, any cards shot by Brooklyn members can be counted towards the club competition – simply let a senior member know you wish to nominate your cards before you shoot them.

As there are only nine weeks remaining of the graded season, please ensure your grading spreadsheet is up to date.  These will be collected in the first week of October for collation and forwarding to the national body, Target Shooting New Zealand.  It is the responsibility of every member to complete their own grading return, regardless of whether or not you will be returning to shooting next year.

It is great to see our newer members becoming very proficient in setting up the equipment, in target changing and in the marking room.  Many hands make light work and we’ve been able to get underway a little earlier each week which is a definite plus for those shooting in the later session. Please aim to mark two targets each week (then allow others to do the same), and to organise target preparation and target changing at least once a fortnight.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 30 July, Interassociation D Grade, 8.00pm + 8.45pm, 2x10: Chris Lockery. Manager: Evan Little.
  • Monday 30 July, Interassociation B Grade, 8.15pm, 1x20: Erin Little, Anna Hooper. Manager: Evan Little.
  • Saturday 4 August, Triangular B Grade, Juniors and Women, 10.00am (NOTE TIME CHANGE), 2x10, Keene Range.  B Grade: Erin Little, Wiko du Toit, Amalamo Simi; emergencies: Casey Israelson, Inge Little; on call: Matthew Canlas.  Women’s team: Meredith Ackrill, Erin Little; on call: Inge Little.  Junior team: Erin Little (captain), Wiko du Toit, Amalamo Simi; emergency: Casey Israelson; on call: Matthew Canlas.  Equipment manager: Evan Little.
  • Sunday 5 August, National Indoor Champs, 1.00pm.
  • Sunday 5 August, Round 3 Triple S deadline.
  • Monday 6 August, Titipounamu A Grade match, 8.00pm, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team: David Grain, Dianne Grain, Erin Little.