In the Teams of Five match held on Wednesday, the Wellington team total was similar to previous years.  Top shot was Erin Little with 388.20.  Full results will be available next month.

The Triangular Open match, held at the Martinborough range on Saturday, resulted in a win to Hutt Valley ahead of Wellington and Wairarapa.  Meredith Ackrill  was best Brooklyn shooter (2nd highest for Wellington), scoring an impressive 297.20, followed by Erin Little with 290.9.

Congratulations to our Wellington College team for their 2nd placing in the local secondary schools match, a mere three inners behind Taita, but 17 points ahead of 3rd placegetters Upper Hutt.  Four club members have been selected to represent Wellington in the “hexangular” match next Sunday: Amalamo Simi, Casey Israelson, Wiko du Toit and Callum Austin – well done!

The top scores in D Grade were recorded by Josh Whitehead 93.4, Emily Lockery 93.1, Chris Lockery 93.1 and Mike Williams 90.2.  Anna Hooper continues her great shooting with 98.6 in C Grade, followed by Casey Israelson 96.3 and Hamish Guthrey 95.4.  Mark Riley’s 98.3 was best in B Grade, David Grain led A Grade with a very tidy 99.7, and Evan Little finished an inner ahead of Meredith Ackrill in Master Grade with 97.6.  It was also close in the 20-shot competition with Dianne Grain scoring highest with 194.10, three inners ahead of Meredith Ackrill with 194.7.  New 20-shot PBs were recorded by Emily Lockery and Adam Williams.

More nominations are required for the upcoming Wellington v Waikato D Grade match, being held on Sunday 9 September at 7.30pm.  If you would like to be part of this Wellington team, please email the WSRA selector by next Sunday.

Please remember to record the scores (and estimates) if you are involved with marking targets.  All competition cards and practice cards should have a score recorded unless groups are shot in which case a “G” should be recorded.

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday 1 September, Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches, 7.30pm, 1x10.  Osmond Shield (in shooting order): Mark Riley, Wiko du Toit, Anna Hooper, Erin Little, Dianne Grain, David Grain, Evan Little, Meredith Ackrill.  Wright Cup (in shooting order): Matthew Canlas, Hamish Guthrey, Casey Israelson, Inge Little, Amalamo Simi, Anna Hooper.  On call: Josh Whitehead, Qiyun Goh.  Team manager: Stephen Thessman.
  • Sunday 2 September, Intercollegiate representative match, 2pm, 2x10.  Team: Amalamo Simi, Casey Israelson, Wiko du Toit, Callum Austin.
  • Sunday 2 September, Triple S Round 4 deadline, 1x20.
  • Sunday 2 September, Closed Champs Round 6 deadline.
  • Saturday 8 September, Wellington v Hutt Valley Women, 2pm, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team to be named Monday 3 September.
  • Saturday 8 September, Wellington v Hutt Valley Open, 2pm, Keene Range, Petone, 1x10 + 1x20.  Team to be named Monday 3 September.
  • Sunday 9 September, Wellington v Waikato D Grade, 7.30pm, 2x10.  Team to be named Monday 3 September.