The final 10 of the Wellington Closed Champs match was shot on Wednesday 19 September.  Meredith Ackrill scored 195.11 to finish in 2nd place.

The TSNZ interassociation results are now available on the TSNZ website.  Wellington gained 3rd place in both the C Grade and women’s matches.  Below is a summary of the Wellington results:

  • Open 4th 981.49 (including Evan Little, Meredith Ackrill, David Grain); Auckland 1st 990.54
  • A Grade 6th 969.33 (including Erin Little, David Grain); Nelson 1st 982.54
  • B Grade 7th 957.40 (including Erin Little, Anna Hooper); Southern Hawkes Bay 1st 970.43
  • C Grade 3rd 945.29 (including Anna Hooper, Amalamo Simi, Casey Israelson); Manawatu 1st 956.37
  • D Grade 7th 910.16 (including Chris Lockery); Nelson 1st 943.23
  • Juniors 5th 951.32 (including Erin Little, Casey Israelson, Amalamo Simi); Southern Hawkes Bay 1st 968.39
  • Women 3rd 967.39 (including Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain); Manawatu 1st 977.53

Congratulations to Inge Little on shooting a new 20-shot PB yesterday of 196.8 – very impressive!  Evan Little had the best 20-shot score overall of 198.10.  Mark Riley was top shot in B Grade this week with 98.4, while only two inners separated the top two C Graders (Anna Hooper 96.5 and Inge Little 96.3).  The best five D Graders were Chris Lockery 95.1, Aiden D’Souza 92.1, Emily Lockery 91.1, Matthew Ault 90.1 and Jack Day 89.2.

Next Sunday is the last week of the grading season (followed by one further club week).  Please ensure your grading return spreadsheet is emailed to Meredith promptly from Monday to enable her to collate and forward the club’s return to TSNZ by their 10 October deadline.

The champion of champions match is being held on Monday 8 October.  This involves all graded champions from each club.  C and D Graders shoot 1x10 shot card at 8pm, followed by B, A and Master Grade shooters at 8.20pm (1x20 shot card).  The championship series can be viewed on the club’s website.  Please get as many of the blanks filled in as possible over the next two weeks.  Mark Robinson will finalise the website and advise our champions of their involvement in the match on Monday 8 October.

The WSRA prizegiving dinner is being held on Saturday 13 October.  Tickets can be purchased from the club.  And the BSRC prizegiving barbecue will be held on Sunday 11 November at 1 Shoal Place, Whitby, from 4.30pm (please bring a small amount of meat, and either a salad or dessert).  Could all 2017 trophy holders please ensure their trophies are engraved and polished (if you are not able to attend the club prizegiving, please give the trophy to a senior club member before the end of the season).

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 25 September, Wellington v Hertfordshire, 8.00pm + 8.30pm, 1x10 UK + 1x10 NZ.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little, Erin Little, Inge Little; emergency: Wiko du Toit; on call: Amalamo Simi, Matthew Canlas.
  • Monday 1 October, grading returns now due.
  • Sunday 7 October, final club day for 2018 season.
  • Monday 8 October, champion of champions match, 8.00pm C/D Grade 1x10, 8.20pm B/A/M Grade 1x20.
  • Saturday 13 October, WSRA prizegiving dinner, Royal Tiger Range.
  • Sunday 11 November, BSRC prizegiving barbecue, 1 Shoal Place, Whitby.