A good start to the season with approximately 30 people at the club yesterday.  Our new shooters quickly picked up the basics and scored well, particularly Martin Browne 89.1 and Cassie Truscott 81.1.

It was a great opportunity to refit our growing younger members into gear as well as our more senior members, some of whom have found their jackets have shrunk over the Christmas period J.

Once again we have a good spread across the grades this year which will provide healthy competition for a place in interclub teams, and the all-important Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches towards the end of the season.

You should have received a short while ago an email regarding the Teams of Ten match (also called Rees Scroll), this year being held at the Masterton range.  The Wellington Executive will determine how many teams Wellington enters in this match following the nomination close-off date of 22 March.  If you are interested in taking part in this exciting match, one of the highlights on the shooting calendar, please ensure your form is emailed back to me as soon as possible.  Give it a go!  It’s a great weekend away with the opportunity to meet shooters from all around the North Island.

A couple of quick notes:

  • Meredith Ackrill completed the South Island leg of the Te Araroa Trail over the summer months, I understand a distance of approximately 1400 kilometres – a fantastic achievement!
  • Welcome back to Mark Baines and Bex Gibbs and congratulations to Bex on completing her microbiology degree last year
  • Dianne and David Grain are feeling a little older now, having become grandparents in January to Adeline Grain – congratulations to Michael and Alex and fingers crossed you start getting some sleep soon
  • Also welcome back to Stephen Thessman – Stephen made an extremely valuable contribution to club organisation last year and is now ready to shoot again

I’d be keen to hear what others have been doing during the summer break – I’m hoping the club can focus a little more on the social side of shooting this season and get to know each other better.

The WSRA AGM is being held at 7.30pm on Friday 15 March.  Please add the date to your calendar.

Don’t forget to wipe your club rifle down with an oily rag before leaving each evening (Meredith or Craig will show you what to do) to ensure the rifle is kept in the best possible condition.

Next week we’ll follow the same format as this week: introductory programme for new shooters at 6.30pm, followed by a practice session for current club members from 7.30pm onwards.  The club competition will commence on 17 March.

Upcoming events:

  • Sunday 10 March, 6.30pm, introduction programme.  Assistance required from 6.00pm each Sunday.
  • Sunday 10 March, 7.30pm, club practice session for current members.
  • Friday 15 March, 7.30pm, WSRA AGM.
  • Sunday 17 March, 6.30pm, introduction programme, followed by club competition commencing at 7.30pm.
  • Friday 22 March, deadline for Teams of Ten nominations.
  • Sunday 24 March, 6.30pm, final week of introduction programme, followed by club competition at 7.30pm.