Last week’s top shots were Bex Gibbs 99.4, Erin Little 97.5 and Mark Baines 97.3.

A very busy evening at the club last night.  The new intake continue to show improvement each week – this week’s coaching focus was on natural point of aim.  Top shots on the rest were Cassie Truscott 91.3, Martin Browne 89.0, Maia Lapointe 86.0, Ryan Day 86.0 and Ethan Haigh 85.0.  Next week is the final week of the four-week introduction programme.  New members will transition to slings in the first three weeks of April.

Evan Little has set a very high benchmark to start the 20-shot competition scoring 200.13 – fantastic shooting, and first on the 100s board and 2019 cake roster!  The grades are already looking very competitive with very little between the scores.  Bex Gibbs scored best in Master Grade with 99.5, while Mark Baines had the top A Grade score of 98.5, a mere two inners ahead of David Grain.  In B Grade Erin Little’s 97.4 was an inner ahead of Dianne Grain, while Mark Riley was only a point lower.  Casey Israelson led C Grade with 96.4 ahead of Inge Little 95.3, Chris Lockery 94.2 and Emily Lockery 93.1.  And Stephen Thessman had a great shoot in D Grade, scoring 94.1.

The WSRA AGM was held last Friday.  David Grain was re-elected as Vice President, and Evan Little as Treasurer.  Meredith Ackrill joins the WSRA Executive this year.  If you have any Association issues you would like to discuss, please contact one of these three.

With the club competition having now commenced, please remember to stamp your targets with “Practice” or “Competition”.  If there is no indication of the card being a practice target, it will be presumed to be a competition card.

If you haven’t already done so, could you please fill  in the TSNZ membership form and bring it to the club next week.  Please do not email your form to TSNZ or pay the membership fee direct to TSNZ – Brooklyn club will organise a bulk payment for all members.

And finally, don’t forget to wipe your club rifle down with an oily rag before leaving each evening to ensure the rifle is kept in the best possible condition.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 22 March, deadline for Teams of Ten nominations.
  • Sunday 24 March, 6.30pm, final week of introduction programme
  • Sunday 24 March, 7.30pm, BSRC AGM, followed by club competition.
  • Saturday 6 April, Colyton Open Champs, Feilding.
  • Sunday 7 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20 shots.
  • Sunday 7 April, 5.30pm, moving to slings, followed by club competition from 6.30pm.
  • Saturday 13 April, Bulls Open Champs, Palmerston North.
  • Sunday 14 April, 9.30am, Teams of Ten trial, 2x20 shots.
  • Sunday 14 April, 5.30pm, moving to slings, followed by club competition from 6.30pm.