A busy day at the club yesterday – thanks to everyone for pitching in with all the tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly.  Three more shooters transitioned to slings yesterday, again with pleasing results.

Congratulations to the following members:

  • Meredith Ackrill on top-scoring with 393.18 at the second Teams of Ten trials
  • Bex Gibbs and Erin Little for their first 100s of the season (both as part of 20-shot scores of 198.7 and 195.10 respectively)
  • New personal best (PB) scores recorded by Casey Israelson 99.8, Cassie Truscott 92.3, and Lauchie Grahame 88.1.

“Best on the rest” this week was Seth Smith with 94.4 ahead of Ethan Haigh with 89.2.  Top shots in D Grade were new shooters Cassie Truscott 92.3 and Finn Ashby 90.2, followed by Jack Day with 90.1.  Casey Israelson’s 99.8 led C Grade, while Emily Lockery continues to shoot well, this week scoring 93.2.  Only an inner separated the top two in B Grade this week (Craig Fair 96.4 and Erin Little 96.3), and Meredith Ackrill had the best score in the higher grades of 98.3.  In the 20-shot competition Bex Gibbs was highest with 198.7 ahead of Meredith Ackrill on 197.7 and David Grain with 196.8.

Thanks to Poul Israelson, Stephen Thessman, Erin Little and Meredith Ackrill for getting the club scoreboard up to date.  The club competition comprises five series of five weeks with a gap between each series, for both 10-shot and 20-shot cards.  The aim for each shooter should be to complete all 25 10-shot competition scores and as many 20-shot scores as possible.  The club 20-shot trophy is presented to the person with the highest aggregate 20-shot score overall, while the BCD 20-shot trophy is presented to the person with the highest 15 20-shot scores (out of 25) for all B Graders, C Graders and D Graders.

Members were emailed the full list of Wellington representative matches on the 2019 calendar.  It is up to each member to notify the WSRA selector of any matches they are not available for prior to the “opt-out deadline”.  Teams will then be selected the following day from all remaining members.

A reminder that targets need to be stamped “competition” or “practice” before they are shot.  If not stamped, the scores will be recorded as competition scores.  Members need to record all competition scores – this determines grading for the following season (new shooters start as D Graders for their first season).  Current grades are as follows:

  • Master Grade – 97.75 to 100
  • A Grade – 96.50 to 97.74
  • B Grade – 94.00 to 96.49
  • C Grade – 90.00 to 93.99
  • D Grade – 89.99 and under

If someone has shot groups rather than a full target, could markers please write “groups” onto the scoresheet.  There were some gaps on the scoresheet this week making it difficult to know whether a score was missing.  Also please write all scores clearly so there is no doubt as to what the score is – if a mistake is made, cross the whole score out and write it again in the next column.

Alan Gibbs from Nelson has kindly offered to provide funding for five years to assist shooters who may otherwise not be able to compete in indoor events.  There is a maximum of $1000 available every year for five years.  Applications close on 6 May and need to be accompanied by a letter of support from the club.  If you are interested in applying, please advise the committee by 30 April that you wish to apply and give a reason(s) as to why you believe the club should support your application.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April, Rangitikei Open Champs, Marton.
  • Sunday 21 April, 5pm, moving to slings, followed by club competition from 6.30pm.
  • Saturday 27 April, Masterton Open Champs.
  • Sunday 28 April, 2pm, Wellington v Horowhenua, 2x20.  Team to be named Monday 22 April.
  • Sunday 28 April, 6.30pm, club competition.
  • Tuesday 30 April, deadline for advising committee if you are interested in making an application to The Gibbs Fund.
  • Thursday 2 May, 7.30pm, Round 1 NDC competition.  Team to be named Monday 29 April.