A busy night at the club this week with more than 60 cards being completed.  Congratulations to Maia Lapointe, Jaz Hamilton and Daniel Johnson on recording new PBs.

Both Meredith Ackrill and Evan Little recorded the best 20-shot score this week (197.10) followed by Mark Baines with 196.10.  In Master Grade Bex Gibbs shot best with 99.7 and Evan Little’s 99.5 was highest in A Grade ahead of Ross Little with 98.5.  The scores in B Grade were extremely close – however Erin Little shot best with 98.3 followed by Dianne Grain with 97.3.  Casey Israelson led C Grade with 98.4 this week, and the top five D Graders were Stephen Thessman 97.4, Cassie Truscott 94.2, Maia Lapointe 92.4, Josh Whitehead 92.1, and Finn Ashby 91.1 with another three also recording scores in the low 90s.

Eastern Force were too strong on the night in Round 3 of the NDC competition, comprehensively winning each section and gaining the full 13 points for the match.  Congratulations to Evan (x2) and Meredith on their 100s.  Rounds 4 and 5 should be a little more at our level.  We face Taranaki in Round 4 on 27 June, and Canterbury in the final round.

Seven Brooklyn members competed at the Hutt Valley Open Champs over the weekend.  Congratulations to Bex Gibbs on winning the ladies trophy as well as taking 2nd place in Master Grade with a phenomenal score of 299.22, and shooting in the open final.  Also congratulations to Evan Little on his 3rd place in A Grade (295.11), and to Dianne Grain on gaining a place in the BCD final.  David Grain recorded his 1st 100 of the season in this match.

As part of our programme to prepare newer shooters for competitions (and to align with TSNZ rules), coaches will coach from behind the mound rather than next to the shooter from Squad 3 onwards each week.  It is hoped the shooter will take on board what the coaches are saying in Squads 1 and 2, ask questions off-range between squads, then put this into effect on their second card.  Coaches will be able to offer advice after a cluster of shots have been fired rather than for each shot.  Shooters will also start moving to using scopes in the coming weeks for confirmation of shot position.  Understanding likely causes for shot placement should lead to improved results, more self-sufficiency, and a better awareness of the process to produce a good shot.  Off-range coaching will continue as usual.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday 14 June, 7.00pm, Club Instructor’s course.
  • Saturday 15 June, Southern Hawkes Bay Open Champs, Dannevirke.
  • Sunday 16 June, 8.00pm + 8.45pm, Interassociation D Grade.  Team: Stephen Thessman, Cassie Truscott, Josh Whitehead. Emergency: Seth Smith.  On call: Ethan Haigh.
  • Sunday 16 June, 8.15pm, Interassociation B Grade.  Team: Erin Little, Dianne Grain. Emergency: Mark Riley. On call: Craig Fair.
  • Tuesday 18 June, 7.45pm, Wellington v Christchurch juniors.  Team: Cassie Truscott. On call: Emily Lockery, Josh Whitehead.
  • Tuesday 18 June, 8.15pm, Wellington v Christchurch women.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Bex Gibbs, Erin Little. On call: Dianne Grain.
  • Saturday 22 June, Wairarapa Open Champs, Martinborough.
  • Sunday 23 June, Interclub Round 3.  7.45pm C Grade v Melrose.  8.45pm Open Grade v Melrose.  Teams to be named 17 June.