Congratulations to Jaz Hamilton on his new PB of 94.1.  The top five D Graders this week were Stephen Thessman 97.3, Jaz Hamilton 94.1, Ethan Haigh 93.1, Maia Lapointe 92.2 and Seth Smith 90.2.  The close contest continues in B Grade with only an inner separating Erin Little and Dianne Grain (97.4 and 97.3 respectively).  David Grain had the best A Grade score this week of 99.6, while Bex Gibbs’ 99.4 was highest in Master Grade.  Bex Gibbs and Meredith Ackrill recorded the top 20-shot scores this week, both achieved in the Interassociation Women’s match.

The Interassociation A Grade and C Grade matches were held on Monday.  Scores were similar or slightly lower than in previous years.

At the halfway point of the closed champs competition, Meredith Ackrill and Bex Gibbs are 2nd and 3rd in Master Grade, both A Grade and B Grade are tightly contested with only a point or two between the top three – Evan Little and Erin Little are 3rd in their respective grades, Casey Israelson holds onto the lead in C Grade while Inge Little is 3rd, and in D Grade Stephen Thessman has a four-point lead ahead of Cassie Truscott in 2nd place.  Casey Israelson and Cassie Truscott are currently 2nd and 3rd in the junior competition, David Grain is 2nd in the veterans section, and Meredith Ackrill has a good lead in the women’s competition.  The deadline for Round 4 targets is Sunday 21 July.

The Interassociation Women’s team score was their best to date.  Bex Gibbs scored a phenomenal 200.11 while Meredith Ackrill also had a great night with 198.11.  Full results will be available in September.

The Wellington Open Champs are being held on Friday and Saturday.  Brooklyn are rostered to run this event from 10am until 1pm Saturday.  Thanks to those who have indicated their availability to assist – a roster will be emailed in the next couple of days, so please ensure you check your emails again.  If you are using club equipment and wish to compete in the champs, please email me before 12 noon Tuesday so that your equipment is accessible.  This is a great opportunity to gain competition experience and also to support your own association.

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday 9 July, Round 4 interclub.  C Grade, 7.45pm, 1x10.  B Grade, 8.15pm, 1x10.
  • Friday 12 / Saturday 13 July, Wellington Open Champs.
  • Thursday 18 July, Round 5 NDC.  Team to be named Monday 15 July.
  • Saturday 20 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Sunday 21 July, Round 4 closed champs deadline.
  • Wednesday 24 July, 8.00pm + 8.40pm, 2x10, Interassociation Juniors.  Team to be named Monday 15 July.
  • Wednesday 24 July, 8.15pm, 1x20, Interassociation Open.  Team to be named Monday 15 July.