Only two inners separated Bex Gibbs and Meredith Ackrill for top spot in the 20-shot competition (194.12 and 194.10 respectively) and they both recorded 97.6 in the 10-shot competition.  Mark Baines scored highest in A Grade with 98.1, while Dianne Grain’s 98.6 was best in B  Grade.  In C Grade Emily Lockery was top shot with 93.2 and the best four in D Grade this week were Ethan Haigh 95.3, Jaz Hamilton 94.1, Mike Williams 93.3 and Josh Whitehead 91.4, while Seth Smith, Finn Ashby and Ryan Day all scored 90s.

An excellent result for Brooklyn in Round 4 of the interclub competition, with both teams recording wins.  Top shot in the C Grade team was Stephen Thessman with 97.3 followed by Cassie Truscott 95.3 and Ethan Haigh 95.2 – great shooting!  Dianne Grain top-scored in the B Grade team with 97.1, while Erin Little and Craig Fair both scored 96.4.  Round 5 is on Thursday 1 August, involving B Grade and Open Grade (C Grade have a bye in this round).

Thirteen Brooklyn members competed at, and assisted with running, the Wellington Open Champs last weekend, while another six also came along to help during our club’s rostered time.  Many thanks to all for ensuring things ran so smoothly.  Congratulations to the following shooters on their achievements:

  • Stephen Thessman – 1st D Grade plus top Wellington D Grader
  • Meredith Ackrill – top Wellington Master Grader plus top Wellington woman plus shot in Final 10
  • Erin Little – 2nd B Grade plus top Wellington B Grader plus new PB of 100.8 plus qualified for Final 10
  • David Grain – top Wellington veteran
  • Ethan Haigh – 3rd D Grade plus new PB of 95.4 followed by newer PB of 96.4
  • Bex Gibbs – shot in Final 10
  • Finn Ashby – new PB of 94.1
  • Bex Gibbs, Mark Baines, Erin Little – 3rd in the teams competition

It’s great to see so many taking the initiative to ensure targets are prepared and changed, and marking is undertaken.  Please consider having a go at range officering as well, particularly for Squad 5 to enable senior members to shoot their cards while coaches from Squads 1 to 4 prepare their equipment.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 18 July, 7.30pm, Round 5 NDC.
  • Saturday 20 July, Manawatu Open Champs.
  • Sunday 21 July, Round 4 closed champs deadline.
  • Wednesday 24 July, 8.00pm + 8.40pm, 2x10, Interassociation Juniors.  Team: Ethan Haigh, Cassie Truscott.  On call: Maia Lapointe.
  • Wednesday 24 July, 8.15pm, 1x20, Interassociation Open.  Team: Meredith Ackrill, Evan Little.  Emergency: David Grain.  On call: Mark Baines, Dianne Grain.
  • Saturday 27 July, Levin Club Open Champs.