Meredith Ackrill scored highest in the 20-shot competition this week with 198.11 followed by Evan Little with 197.11.  David Grain had the highest 10-shot score of 100.7, an inner higher than Meredith Ackrill with 100.6.  Dianne Grain’s 99.4 was best in B Grade ahead of Erin Little with 98.5, and in C Grade the highest score of 98.5 was shot by Casey Israelson.  The top five shooters in D Grade this week were Stephen Thessman 96.5, Ethan Haigh 96.2, Ryan Day 93.3, Cassie Truscott 93.1 and Josh Whitehead 91.0.

Congratulations to Bex Gibbs and Meredith Ackrill on their selections for North Island teams to compete against the South Island at the Keene Range in Petone on Saturday 17 August.

Wellington had a very close match against Canterbury in the final round of the NDC competition, taking the win with 8 points to Canterbury’s 7 points.  Both teams scored a bonus point, Wellington’s thanks to Meredith Ackrill’s 200.12, and the best overall score went to Canterbury who finished a mere two points ahead of Wellington.  Wellington’s open, junior and total scores were their best this season.  As well as Meredith’s 200, a number of other 100s were recorded by Brooklyn members Mark Riley (new PB 100.8), David Grain 100.8 and Bex Gibbs 100.5.  Wellington have finished in 6th position in Division 1 and therefore retain their spot in Division 1 for the 2020 season.

Six Brooklyn shooters travelled to Palmerston North on Saturday to compete in the Manawatu Open Champs.  Evan Little shot best with 295.18, a few inners ahead of Meredith Ackrill on 295.13, while Dianne Grain and David Grain decided 290 was the score to get (Dianne 290.10, David 290.11, then Dianne’s  re-entry 290.12).

A reminder to ensure you communicate any issues on the range with the range officer.  These may be a rifle malfunction, a misfire resulting in a need for a replacement bullet, a crossfire to another shooter’s target, or an overload on your own target.  The range officer will provide instructions as to what you need to do which could save losing more points than necessary.

Attached is a nomination form for those wishing to be considered for selection for the Wellington team to compete in the BSA match against other New Zealand and United Kingdom teams.  The Wellington team will shoot at 1pm on Sunday 31 August at the Levin range on UK targets.  Nominations close at 5pm on Sunday 4 August.  Please email nominations to

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