In the Interassociation Junior match on Wednesday Cassie Truscott scored a very impressive new PB of 98.7.  Meredith Ackrill was the top Brooklyn shooter in the open team with a score of 197.12.  Both the junior and open interassociation team scores were slightly lower than in previous years.  Full results will be available in September.

Congratulations to Maia Lapointe and Stephen Thessman on their new PBs yesterday.  Stephen’s was his first-ever 100 – fantastic!

The top five D Graders this week were Stephen Thessman 100.5, Cassie Truscott 95.3, Maia Lapointe 93.1, Ethan Haigh 92.3 and Josh Whitehead 91.4, while another two D Graders also scored in the 90s.  Hamish Guthrey’s 94.4 was best in C Grade, and Dianne Grain took top honours in B Grade with 99.3.  Evan Little recorded the highest score in A Grade with 98.4 while Meredith Ackrill’s 100.6 was best in Master Grade.  Evan Little had a phenomenal 20-shot card made up of 99.4 and 100.9, the latter with an extremely close test-out for the inner.

Results from Round 4 of the closed champs competition were distributed on Saturday.  Brooklyn members currently hold quite a number of 2nd placings (Meredith Ackrill, Dianne Grain, Casey Israelson x 2, Cassie Truscott, David Grain) while Stephen Thessman leads D Grade and Meredith Ackrill leads the women’s section.

Dianne Grain travelled to Levin to shoot in their club champs over the weekend.  This range is quite unique, being in amongst the foundations of a scout hall.  Targets are sent to and from the butts via a cable system; shooters need to climb up approximately a metre onto the mound; the mounds are split into four bays of three mounds each.  Taking part in open champs is a great way to experience many different ranges, and to meet shooters from other parts of the country.

The National Indoor Champs are being held on Sunday at a number of venues around the country including the Newtown range.

Those wishing to be considered for selection for the Wellington team to compete in the BSA match against other New Zealand and United Kingdom teams need to email the WSRA Secretary by 5pm 4 August.  The Wellington team will shoot at 1pm on Saturday 31 August at the Levin range on UK targets.

A date to add to your diaries: Brooklyn have booked the range for a training session at 2pm on Sunday 15 September.  The session will assess shooters’ position and set-up, followed by a number of shooting drills.  This is a great opportunity to train and analyse.  If you are using a scope, come along and have a go.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday 1 August, Round 5 interclub.  B Grade, 8.15pm 1x10.  Open Grade, 8.45pm, 1x20.
  • Saturday 3 August, 2pm, Triangular B Grade match: Craig Fair, Dianne Grain, Erin Little, Mark Riley, Stephen Thessman. On call: Ethan Haigh, Cassie Truscott.
  • Saturday 3 August, 2pm, Triangular Women’s match: Meredith Ackrill, Bex Gibbs, Dianne Grain, Erin Little. On call: Cassie Truscott.
  • Saturday 3 August, 2pm, Triangular Junior match: Ethan Haigh, Cassie Truscott. Emergency: Maia Lapointe.
  • Sunday 4 August, 1pm, National Indoor Champs.
  • Sunday 4 August, Round 3 Triple S deadline.
  • Sunday 4 August, 5pm, BSA Match nominations close.
  • Tuesday 6 August, 8pm, Titipounamu Match 1x10 + 1x20: Mark Baines, David Grain, Erin Little, Evan Little.  Emergency: Dianne Grain.