Thanks to all those who assisted with running the social shoot on Friday.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their shooting experience with a number of very good scores recorded.

The Titipounamu (which means rifleman) match was shot on Tuesday.  The team score was better than in recent years.  Erin Little was top shot for Brooklyn with 292.18.  Full results will be available in September.

Round 1 of the local intercollegiate match was shot yesterday at the Keene Range in Petone.  Casey Israelson was top shot, recording his first ever 100 – well done!  Also congratulations to Emily Lockery and Megan Brodie on recording new PBs in this match.  Wellington College are in 3rd place, behind Taita and Naenae.  Round 2 will be held at the Newtown Range on Sunday 25 August at 2pm.  Thanks to Craig and Stephen for organising our shooters and transporting equipment, etc.

Jaz Hamilton also recorded a new PB this week, and Emily Lockery not only achieved a new 10-shot PB but also a new 20-shot PB of 186.2.

The top five D Graders were Jaz Hamilton 96.3, Stephen Thessman 95.4, Josh Whitehead 95.1, and Jack Day and Ethan Haigh both with 92.1.  Casey Israelson’s 100.4 was the highest score in C Grade, followed by Emily Lockery’s 98.3.  As has been the case all season, the B Grade contest continues to be very close – top shot was Erin Little with 98.4, ahead of Mark Riley 97.5 and Dianne Grain 97.4.  David Grain scored 100.4 to lead A Grade while in Master Grade Bex Gibbs and Meredith Ackrill were only separated by an inner (98.6 and 98.5) and their 20-shot scores were also only inners apart (196.10 and 196.6 respectively).

The Osmond Shield and Wright Cup matches are being held on Saturday 31 August, with the first squad commencing at 7.30pm.  This is probably the most interesting and hotly contested club competition on the calendar.  The Wright Cup match comprises teams of six shooters (all C and D Graders) with the best five scores counting, and the Osmond Shield match comprises teams of eight shooters (only four of whom can be A Grade or Master Grade) with all scores counting.  Teams will be selected on Friday 23 August.

Results for Round 3 of the Triple S competition are available at  Casey Israelson is in 13th place overall (and 5th in C Grade). Our top D Grader is Cassie Truscott in 24th position. Round 4 is a 20-shot card to be completed by Sunday 1 September.  In preparation for this, the fourth squad on club days will be a 20-shot squad.

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