Many thanks to all of you who helped with cleaning the range on Sunday – your efforts were really appreciated.

It might be getting near the end of the season but for some of you that means you’re getting even better.  Personal Bests were achieved this week by:

Craig Fair topped the higher grades with a 98.6 on his 10 shot competition card.

Attached are the results for the Final Ten shoot of the Wellington Closed Champs. Congratulations to the four Brooklyn shooters who made the Top Ten – Meredith (2nd place!!!), Erin (4th place), Evan (6th place) and Dave (10th as he was unable to make the final shoot).

With only a few weeks to go of the grading season, please ensure your grading spreadsheet is up to date.  These will be collected, collated and forwarded to Target Shooting New Zealand in early October.

Please direct any queries during September to Inge Little.

Any errors in this email are entirely the fault of Mark Robinson who is nowhere as good as Dianne at writing these updates, but he’s trying his hardest anyway!  😊

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